Would you mind giving advice re: Chanel pearls?

  1. I'm looking for a long-ish strand of Chanel pearls. I've seen the classic necklace (I think). Can you ladies educate me about Chanel pearl necklaces with pictures and prices? Thank you SO much! :flowers:
  2. I have a strand of pearls from Chanel. Just an FYI... they're not real pearls. They're made of glass. The strand I bought was over $1000. I will post pics once I get them back from Chanel. I brought them in for repair since I got blue dye on them...don't ask.... :cursing:
  3. A 40-inch strand is almost $900. They are glass pearls so they aren't weighty. Most of the bead necklaces run around $750-$1250 or more.
  4. It's my impression that they are priced according to length. They chokers length starts at around $500, but that might have changed since the price increase.

    There are some pearls that will be available for sale with ActII from S/S2007. The longer ones will retail for $1,350.
  5. wow! am i wrong or is that really spency for fake pearls? i mean i know they're fanced up but still.
  6. ITA hlfinn! I can't believe they run into the four figures... :sad:
  7. That's what I thought at first...but BOY, they're beautiful. Even my DH loves them. Thing is...I don't tell them they're not real pearls and they don't know otherwise. :graucho: I've gotten quite a few compliments on them!!
  8. I have two strands of Chanel pearls. This first is a choker, and it was $385. I got it last summer, but I don't think it's available anymore. The second is the classic pearls that I believe are always available. They were $695 (don't know if they've been increased).


  9. I have these that were posted by someone else. I believe they were $690. I absolutely love them. Were they a little expensive, yes. I love how they look layered with my small tiffany heart hecklace or real pearls, no one knows the difference. I believe they are 36"? I shoudl know, I bought them.