Would you make a fuss over this??

  1. My Rebelle is 2 weeks old - I noticed a few threads on the inside of the shoulder strap are sort of sticking out, like not finished neatly. They don't appear to be loose, but I don't think a bag costing close to $1500.00 should have these threads looking so unfinished. I love the bag and don't want to return it but I am going to take it to Dior today to see what they say. Am I over reacting?
  2. No Way! You are not over reacting at all! I absolutely agree that when you are investing alot of money in a handbag, it should be flawless! It really bothers me when I see bags with stitching looking unfinished or crooked and I always ask for another one and if they dont have one I wont buy it because it would bother me. You are doing the right thing by bringing it back. Hopefully they have another one to give you :smile:

    Good luck!
  3. Make a fuss. Absolutely your bag should be perfection.
    I'd require a new one.
  4. Absolutly yes! I am the same way. That's the reason why you pay for quality handbags. For the quality.
  5. If you pay that much for a bag there shouldn't be any loose threads. Take it back
  6. Okay so Dior (the manager of the dept.) said I couldn't have a new bag because my bag had been used and they don't give you a new bag when it is used. They took it in for repair and that's the best I could do. I noticed the problem while out of town and couldn't get to Dior till I returned home - yes I used it while I was away so although it was in fine shape, my options were limited. I will of course let them make it perfect but I will think twice next time about Dior - Do you think LV would have done the same thing??? This boutique is within the confines of Saks, I wonder if that changes policy. I want to add that the SA's were very nice and friendly but the female manager had a *****y, snotty touch of attitude.
  7. A lot of COmpanies do that unfortunately. If you had bought it from NM or something, it's likely you would've gotten a new bag since it's still new.
    At least, at my NM they do.
    I had a small issue w/ a Chanel bag and when I showed my SA she was horrified, snatched me a new one and sent me on my way.
    I was SOOO pleased!
  8. yea, this was different since I took the bag on a week's vacation and it was used. If I had noticed it immediately and returned it, I'm sure there would have been no problem. I'm usually so excited about a new bag that I don't take the time to really examine it before I leave the store. I have to start doing that.
  9. i am like you too, most of the time, i don't really check the bag carefully coz i take it that the piece i am given is brand new and defect free. now i do make it a point to check and take my time to avoid running back to tbe boutique.
  10. Okay Dior fixed the stitches on my Rebelle and I must say right on time (which I was leary about) - It looks gorgeous - They made a point of saying "no charge" Like duh, was there any doubt!!!!! Stil waiting for the messenger strap - has anyone gotten one??????
  11. Saks let me exchange a bag I'd been using for a month and a half for a new one when I showed a problem with some of the leather on it (that was clearly not from use). Maybe you just got a bad SA or a bad Saks? :s Either way, I'm glad they fixed it for you!
  12. Actually, I think I just got a bag with some careless stitching - everyone made it right so I'm okay with it - You really have to check the bag over before you leave the store, no matter the price of the bag - I see that as the lesson here for me - thanks Cat Lover!!!