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  1. So, I have a brand new baby puppy... He is adorable... Aaaand he's starting to form some bad habits, or at least I'm starting to notice them...
    The worst one yet is his tendancy to EAT his poop immediately after he expels it.
    :wtf: ( I don't know where the green puke face is, but it would better descibe how I felt this morning seeing him chew his doo-doo)
    I understand he's just a puppy, but I've got to know... Have any of you gone through this with your dogs? Is it just a wierd puppy thing that he'll grow out of? Because every time I tell him NO! and clean it up before he can eat anymore, but this morning was the second or third time he's done it.
    Any tips?
  2. This is precisely why you shouldn't let your dog lick your face!!!
  3. my puppy shih tzu used to do this - it's a puppy trait they do where they don't want to leave their waste behind and eat it, like a 'leave no evidence behind' sort of thing

    Fortunately there are pills for this sort of thing and should be within days/weeks they will stop
  4. my shih tzu did it also, but after screaming no a couple of times at him he stopped and i guess grew out of it
  5. Totally disgusting but very common. My dog likes to eat my neighbor's dog's poop...She feeds it all natural stuff w/ lots of veggies in it. Luckily, the only time she can eat it is when I have the dog over to play and take her in our yard. Otherwise, our invisible fence keeps my dog away from it, thank God.
  6. my dog Ripley is now 2 yrs old..he still does this..LOL..Its NASTY!!!!!!!!!

    oh and I have another dog too.When Einstein,my other SHIBA INU,goes to poop,Ripley likes to have his mouth right behind him....EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!seriously.ive tried everything.....sigh
  7. Is your puppy from the pet shop??

    Cause my goldie is from a home breeder and she doesnt do that. But when i visit pet shop, all the puppies seem to do that. And that totally disgust me.
  8. Ugh, I so feel your pain Jill! My three year old Chi ALWAYS eats her poop. I have tried everything including those pills and she still chows down on it. It seriously makes me want to barf. She just poops in her litterbox, picks up the poop and takes it into her BED with her to eat it :sick:

    I have taken her to the vet, changed her diet about 8 times, given her the pills. There is NO hope....my BF says we could just feed her once and she would just recycle over and over...ROFLMAO

    And for the above poster ^^^ it has NOTHING to do with being from a pet shop.
  9. Our dogs don't seem to eat their own poop, but when we let them in the house they make bee-lines for the litterboxes!!! It's like an all-you-can-eat buffet for them, LOL. Or it would be but we do keep our litterboxes clean.
  10. Yep, a lot of dogs LOVE cat poop too.......I call it "Kitty Roca" like Amond Roca for dogs :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. LOL!! I know it's an unfortunate habit but I can't help to laugh. My friend had a dog who does this too. He knows it's wrong but jumps at every opportunity when his owner isn't looking. He scarfs it down like there's no tomorrow!! He even sits next to his poop and whimpers when he isn't allowed to eat it.

    I think there are pills the dog can take to make the poop taste bad.. but one would think it already does!!

    Good luck!
  12. lolol ohh puppies :love:

    the BF's doggie did this as a puppy, but grew out of it. the vet told him that its a defense mechanism when there puppies to try to hide the poop from their mothers :shrugs: i dont really get it, but i know some doggies do grow out of it. hopefully your new puppy dog does too
  13. Like everyone else said, i think it's pretty normal. We have a lab mix and a sheltie mix, and we've seen them eat eachother's before when they were both puppies :s... we also have horses and cows and they LOVE their poop more than anything... they eat it whenever they can, and sometimes they roll in it :yucky: lol so gross!!!! we talked to the vet about it, and he said it just tastes really good to some dogs. weird, i know. but since he's a puppy he'll probably get over it soon. good luck! :heart:
  14. My pup is a shiba inu too. They're soo beautiful... When they don't have poop hanging out of their mouths. Maybe certain breeds are more prone to doing it than others? Who knows.
    To answer another question, he's not from a pet store. I got him directly from a breeder.
    I wouldn't mind his poop disappearing if he would just pick it up and flush it down the toilet! lol
    Thanks everyone for your help, I'm going to look into it a bit more, try a couple of things, and hopefully this behaviour will come to an end.