Would you like this as a chrissy present?

  1. i thinking of getting this velentino cami for my sister (only in black) what do you guys think would you wear it?
  2. ohh i like it!!! that's a very pretty cami!
  3. really cute :biggrin: I'm sure she'll love it ^^
  4. I'm buying this BN with tags from what appears to be a legit seller (we are meeting for the transaction) on the valentino site they have a blouse version of this top (obviously as a winter version) does that mean this is from the last spring/summer collection? because bieng in oz we are a season behind and that would be right on target with us. not that it really matters since i dont feel the design will date, but does anyone know how old this design is?
  5. Oh, Naughty! That top is gorgeous! Goodness, why can't I be your sister?

    BTW, how is the studying going?
  6. thanks HG, the studies are going suprisingly well, (alough this weekend ive been surfing tPF and rejecting my studies oops my bad lol) I have just about finished one of my majorworks (it will be fully compleated in a week) which is basically unheard of since everyone else in my class are stumped for ideas (along with the majority of the state) my teacher said i have the record at school for the fasted compleated majorwork one month!!!! whoo hoo. but its not that great since i have 2 more majorworks to do i other subjects.
  7. It's very cute.

  8. No, it does not necessarily mean it's last season.... It could possibly be from this season. Usually designers recycle the same materials within the season.
  9. It's a gorgeous top, by the way!
  10. Actually, I found the top you're talking about. It's from Valentino R.E.D. Is your top Valentino or Valentino R.E.D.? If it is Valencino (white label with gold letters), then it is past season. Sometimes designers recycle materials/designs for their diffusion lines after their signature line.
  11. I think its very cute! go for it!
  12. I love it!
  13. really cute!
  14. she's going to love it. it's really cute.:yes:
  15. it's cute

    but i would enver wear it as it is quite revealing

    however if your sister dresses in sucha manner I'm sure she would love it.