Would You Like A Piece Of Chocolate Cake ?

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    An Indonesian chef makes a finishing touch on a chocolate-made mosque miniature at a hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thursday, Sept. 28, 2006. The 4.5 meter-tall and 2.5 meter-wide (14.76 by 8.2 feet) sculpture was made of 250 kilograms (551.15 pounds) of chocolate and displayed to greet Islamic holy month of Ramadan.
  2. That could curb my craving for chocolate for a while. WOW!!
  3. oh yummy...thanks prada's meadow...
  4. :drool: Seems like such a waste if they are just going to dig in & eat it all lol
  5. Oh How beautiful! and that's all chocolate cake??? Yummmmm
  6. yummy! me want someeeeeeeee
  7. :drool:Wow that looks beautiful and delicious
  8. i want a pieceeeeeeeee!!!!:heart::heart:
    thanks for posting prada's!!
  9. I love watching those challenges on the food network, with cake and candy...it's so neat!! They can really make some amazing things.
  10. YUMMY!!! That looks so good, but it's so creative and precise to eat.......o well, that's what cake's for!!:P
  11. for ramadan?? how cruel :wtf: ! you aren't allowed to eat when the sun is out and they taunt you with a 250kg chocolate mosque?! it certainly is impressive though...
  12. that cake is too beautiful to eat!
  13. Cut me a slice! It looks delicious.
  14. I agree!
  15. A PIECE ?!

    I want the whole thing ! :graucho: