Would You Like A Biscuit ?

  1. Biscuit City

    Created by Chinese artist Song Dong in the basement of London Selfridges.
    72,000 biscuits were used in total to construct the 'Biscuit city' including Chocolate Digestives, Rich Tea, HobNobs and Fruit Shortcakes.

    The 'biscuit city' is being offered to shoppers accompanied with a cup of tea for dunking!
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  2. :yes:
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  3. Very cool, thanks for sharing! It looks so yummy :drool:
  4. :P
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  5. That's so cool
  6. :heart:
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  7. yummmy! i love biscuits :biggrin:
  8. Wow that's my idea of heaven! I prefer biscuits to chocolate anyday..... if only I lived nearer London:P
  9. I'm hungry now :drool:
  10. wow very cool!
  11. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing.
  12. that looks delcious..must of taken a while to build though