Would You Lie For A Friend ?

  1. If your friend asked you to lie for her/him in order for them to get a job, would you do it ?

    Would you be her/his reference ?

    If no,why ?
    If yes, what would the circumstances have to be in order for you to lie for her/him.
  2. Well, if it was about a job, no I would not lie. I think that wouldn't be right to the people about to hire my friend.

    As to something else, I have one best girl-friend and depending on what it was---I might tell a white lie for her.

    It's hard for people to know what they would do in this situation without really being in it.
  3. Well, it depends on the situation. If it was a small white lie, then I probably would help him/her out. However, if it had to do with some life-altering circumstance, then I probably wouldnt.
  4. Definitely not.

    I would probably just highlight the positive my friend has. And if asked, I would tell the truth
  5. depends on what the lie is.. again, if it will place other ppl's lives in jeopardy, or any possibility at all of harming others, no i would never lie for a friend..
  6. thats really difficult... if it was a small lie i would. But i wouldn't lie for their job to the point of covering up a big mistake on their part or theft lol something of that nature (not that my friends are bad or anything lol) i think it all depends on how close i was with the friend, how much it would effect/come back to haunt me (so i can be a little selfish) and if its just ethically wrong in that situation
  7. i wouldn't lie for a job. i've been asked to be friends' references for jobs before and there are only one or two friends i feel confidant enough to vouch for. i live in a very small town and the service industry jobs tend to cycle (managers move to different restaurants, etc.) i also work at one of the more stable restaurants, so people always want me to put a good word in for them. i wouldn't want to put my name out there like that unless i'm sure sure SURE my friend has good work ethic. as much as i love my friends, some of them just don't.

    i have lied for a friend on an apartment reference before. :shame: i said she was really clean and responsible when she isn't particularly so. i wouldn't lie to a landlord i actually knew or a complex i might potentially want to rent from but in this instance she was really hard up and we are in completely different income brackets. she's also one of those friends you've known so long they're more like family than friends...she didn't get the apartment anyway, so it all worked out. i'm pretty sure they value opinions of previous landlords more than that of character references. heh.

    i think it really depends on the friend and the situation. in general i am not a good liar, so i just don't. my friends all know that, and they all know i am not afraid to share my opinions...if i can't reccomend them, they usually already know it and don't ask in the first place. :biggrin:
  8. It depends on what it is about.....if it relates to previous job performance, etc. then I would probably hedge and say that I didn't know.
    If it was something personal that I didn't think employer needed to know (like finances, marital status, etc.) then I probably would lie.
  9. I would turn down being a job reference if I were asked to lie. You never know what can happen in the future. The friend could get the job and then get into a situation in which the false reference will be found out, etc. I don't want to get involved in anything like that. It could spoil the friendship more than if I refused to lie on his/her behalf. But also, I think a true friend wouldn't put me in such a position and would not ask me to lie.
  10. I would feel bad but I wouldn't be his/her job reference. If it was something small and not VERY important, I would lie (sometimes you gotta help a friend out!).
  11. No, in my line of work (nursing) lying about dangerous people is something I will not do.
  12. No, most likely not. There are circumstances where I may exaggerate a little, if necessary.... But this is the sort of thing that would get her (and me!) in trouble if the truth comes out. I'd stay out of it.
  13. Hell ya I would lie for my FRIEND and be a reference in order for her to get ahead. Why not?? People at the very top don't get there by being absolutely honest. Give me a break. We all embellish our credentials because perception is key. All of you who answered "no", well, I am glad I am not YOUR friend.
  14. For a job, I don't think I would like for a friend as the repercussions to the company, her, and to yourself could be great. I definitely would play up his or her assets and strengths but to lie?? I don't mind being a character reference but not a job reference if it's going to be a lie.
  15. Yes, I would lie for my good friends in order for him/her to get a good job but ONLY if I know that friend is responsible and etc. I've been listed as references for a few of my close friends and I listed them as well so it goes around. I think it's all about network and connection when it comes to the career world.