Would you let your any of your friends borrow your favorite bag?

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  1. What would you say if a friend asked you if she could borrow one of your gorgeous bags ?
    With me it would depend on a couple of things, The friend, The envirement in which she was going , and the bag.
  2. Oh it would definitely depend on the friend - if it were a fellow handbag addict who had some knowledge of the value of my bags, I'd say yes. I don't mind my bags getting used, and I can't carry them all at the same time :shame: But if it were a friend who wasn't very cautious or informed I wouldn't...or I'd just loan a bag that I wasn't very concerned about having damaged or losing (one of my "bar" bags - the bags I take out to clubs and bars to spare my babies from gross bar smells and spills!).
  3. noooooo way. not my favourites. just because you don't know what they are doing, what if they go out and get drunk? heck no.
  4. I hate to sound like a snob or a bad friend, but yes, my decision would depend on which friend is asking :shame: If she has an appreciation for bags, that's nice, but what matters to me is if she takes care of anything she borrows from others. If she's conscious of borrowing, let's say a shirt, for example, and wears it out, tries not to spill anything on it or stain it, washes it and returns it the next day or the next time she does laundry, that's cool. If she's the type of person to go out clubbing in a shirt, spills three different drinks on it, and returns the shirt to you smelling like beer, smoke and her deodorant, I would doubt trusting her with anything of mine :weird:
  5. good thing no one has ever asked me to borrow a bag!
  6. I would let my best friend borrow a bag. Heck I think she has before.
  7. No way. If something happened beyond their control, we would both feel so bad. Might ruin our friendship!
  8. I never been asked before so I guess it really depends on how well I know that friend is. If she is my very close friend and she knows how to take care nice things.. like my bags?? heh..maybe I will loan her but..I won't be like it if she asks often though..:worried: .
  9. HECK NO! Never again. One of my girlfriends borrowed one of my Gucci tote with the stuffed tissue and the dust bag and didn't get it back when she returned it. I didn't want to ask because I'm afraid that my bag obsession will ruin our friendship. What's worse is that there were a few scratches on the metal hardware...%$#^&*!!!
    I won't even let my sister borrow my bag! I once saw my LV Cabas Piano that she borrowed buried under her pile of junk in the trunk of her car! Aaarrrggghhh!!!
  10. No one has asked me yet to borrow my bags, but I suppose I would let them do it if they really wanted to. I have a very small circle of girlfriends, so it wouldn't be a huge deal.
  11. no way! who knows what could happen? even if it was beyond her control, i'd still be upset and i wouldn't want it to come between us.
  12. NO! Absolutely off limits. If its a bag I dont want anymore they can have it. But not my "IT" bag. That's my thunder for the moment.:amuse:
  13. By "it" I dont mean Dooney "IT" bag I mean my most stylish bag @ the moment.
  14. NOOOOOOO my fd Don'T take care of their bags I wont' trust them with mine!
  15. I would love to think that I would be the type of friend that would lend out my bag, but the reality is that I would not want to lend one to a friend for fear of something happening. I know that I would be devestated!!!! And I could not allow a handbag to come between my friendship.