Would you let your 8yo watch Dead Silence Trailer?

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  1. One of my daughter's friends (8 years old) was crying and complaining about a horrifying movie trailer that she saw 5 times last night and couldn't get out of her head. She described it as "puppets ripping out people's tongues." I figured out from a Google search that the movie is "Dead Silence" and watched the trailer:

    YouTube - Dead Silence Trailer - In Theaters Friday!

    I asked her why she was even watching it to begin with, and she said "because my mom was watching TV and I didn't have control over it."

    Am I out of line to think that this is inappropriate of her Mom to be so oblivious to how a trailer like this could be impacting her daughter? Mind you, this is the same Mom who watches "Cops" in front of her daughter - and as a result we had to request that my daughter is not allowed to watch TV when she is visiting their house.
  2. When I read the title of this thread, my first thought was, "I was under the impression that previews for movies meant for adults were shown later in the day and at night."

    Um . . . . Parents can control the programs children watch, but not the preview.

    The only thing I can think of is that her mother can say that it's a preview for a movie she's never going to see, those puppets can't hurt her and that it's just a movie.
  3. Well, of course, I'm wondering what show her mom was watching that included this trailer being played so many times. I don't often find myself in situations where the commercials are quite *that* inappropriate when my daughter is watching with me. There are a few times I cringe...but nothing like this. I am pretty discerning about what types of shows my daughter can watch, though.

    Yeah, apparently her mother told her something to that effect today (I think the daughter had somewhat of a delayed reaction to it...was much more upset about it today, remembering it).
  4. Can you please move this back to "General" where I posted it? This is not a "Television and Cinema" question - it's a PARENTING question. Thank you.
  5. Everytime the commercial comes on for that movie my 8 year old loves it! She say's when she's 18 I'll let her see that movie. Well, maybe 15....:smile: Also...the commercial comes on when we are watching American Idol or jeopardy...random shows like that.
  6. Hell...just the movie poster alone scares me much less the trailer (which thankfully I haven't seen).

    I can tell you as a 4th grade teacher (mostly 9 and 10 year olds), my students tell me all the time how they actually see these type of movies --first run, in the theaters. They go with big brothers/sisters and yes, even with their parents. I guarantee you when we go back to school Monday after Spring Break, I will have several kids tell me they saw that movie over the break.