Would you let someone borrow your CLs?

  1. The other night a friend of mine was over and we were getting ready to go out for a night out with our SOs. She decided she didn't like her shoes, and we happen to be the same size, so she opened my closet and made a bee line for my new, unworn CLs (which, I must say, went perfectly with her outfit). I told her nicely that they were new and I'd like to break them in first. She told me they were just shoes (which we all know they aren't!). I happen to know that she is very rough on her shoes and tends to ruin them on occassion after a night out. I just kept thinking that if she ruined them, there was no way she would pay me back since she thinks spending that much on shoes is ridiculous (a la SATC where Carrie's shoes get stolen at a party). She ended up getting pretty mad at me and just wearing her own shoes.

    Anyway, that leads me to the question of whether or not you ladies would let a friend either wear or borrow a pair of your CLs. Are there certain pairs you would lend and others that you wouldn't, or are they all off limits? Would you let a friend borrow a pair who you know is really careful with things? Just curious as to everyone's thoughts on this.
  2. i don't lend out expensive clothes or shoes, i guess i am selfish like that!
    Some things are just sacred!!!
  4. I don't really ask people to borrow their things so I would not like someone borrowing mine! Especially CL's.... Even if your friend would pay you back (if they believe how much you actually spent :rolleyes:) then there would be no way to get the exact pair you had except maybe on eBay!
    My answer is no, I would get too upset!
  5. Never Never Never.....I don't have any sisters so I'm not used to sharing my clothes/shoes/accessories.

    I'd be soo soo sad if I lent out a pair of hard to find CL's and they were ruined.
  6. I wouldn't let anyone borrow them unless they were very very close to me. I steal my mom's CL's and bags all the time..so she can steal mine..I don't mind. Well. I kind of do... :p
  7. Isn't that always an awkward situation? I don't like how when people ask to borrow things, there isn't an "out." If you say no, it's like you're a bad friend!

    I would let someone borrow a pair of espadrilles (if I had any) or something like that. Maybe if they were very close to me or I knew they took extremely good care of things- then I would consider letting them wear one of the pairs that aren't my favorite or that I knew are hard to ruin (like a patent simple- I swear mine can go through a war and still look great). But no way would I let a friend borrow an un-worn pair or a HTF pair or my HG pair. Luckily my siblings are all boys and my mom doesn't like sky high shoes so I don't have to worry about any family members wanting to borrow them!
  8. I think borrowing shoes is worse than borrowing clothes because shoes touch the ground.

    I let my mom and sisters borrow, but I wouldn't let other people borrow shoes. I think that is so weird even to ask. I would never even think of asking.
  9. NO WAY!!! Luckily my friends all know how "anal" I am about my stuff especially shoes and bags so they never bother to ask. Thank god!
  10. I see this differently. If she were a good friend, she'd respect your stuff. I think she sounds kind of rude ... just barging into your closet and assuming she can *borrow* your $500+ pair of shoes for a night out.
  11. ^ She's a very good friend of mine, but she's just very careless in general. I don't think she meant it to come off as rude. She goes into my closet and borrows shoes and clothes all the time, which I don't mind, but I used to keep my CLs in another closet and just recently moved them into my main closet, so they've never really been an option for her before. She doesn't even really know what CLs are or exactly how much they cost (I fib on the prices...), so she figured they were just another shoe.

    Looking at it from her perspective, she probably thought I was the one being rude- like, if we're such good friends, why can't I borrow your stuff, and why are you making such a big deal over shoes? You know?
  12. Clothes - YES, Shoes - NO.

    I don't mind lending clothes to my friends as long as they are considerate and treat them well. I actually enjoy having my friends wear my cocktail dresses because I have a lot from previous events that I don't wear very often and I love for my friends to save the $$$.

    Now shoes on the other hand is a strange thing to borrow. The only way I would lend a CL to a friend is if it was a very special occasion and my shoe matched her dress (like a wedding, work holiday party, etc...). I would make sure she knew that they are collectors items and how important it is to treat them gingerly. I am usually not very anal with things, but CLs are VERY expensive, so only my piggies will grace them.
  13. I don't think so. I don't ask to borrow my friends clothes or shoes, so I don't expect them to ask to borrow mine. Especially my CL's. Besides, one's feet are different, and I don't want to risk getting my shoes deformed. :smartass:
  14. Nope. Shoes mold to your feet and everyone walks differently so there is no way I would lend them, even if your the same size they could have wider feet and stretch out your shoes or roll their feet when they walk and make the shoe wear uneven.

    I think its really unfair for her to get mad at you for not wanting to lend them, they are yours and if you dont want to lend you dont have to. She should realise that she is very lucky you let her borrow anything and its a privilege not her right. Tell her red soles are off limits they are your babies not just shoes :nogood:
  15. eek...i would never ask someone if i could use their shoes. even if they're $30 vans, just because my shoes are mine and other people's shoes are theirs and i'd like it keep it that way. i'd say it was pretty immature of her to get mad at you...so my answer is NO. i'd only let my younger sister use them but she's never asked anyway and i'm about .5 size bigger than her