Would you let a friend borrow your bag?

  1. If your friend asked you if she could borrow your bag, would you let her? Would she have to meet certain criteria, leave a small ransom as a deposit, or are you a "what's mine is yours" kind of pal? I have only been asked once by a friend of mine who carries LV exclusively, wanted to buy the large Musette, but wanted to carry it first before making her decision. I trust her 100%. She absolutely babies her bags. I let her borrow it. But I don't know about other people. Very sticky situation!!

    Tell me your thoughts, please? Feel free to include horror stories!!!
  2. Ummm... I don't know if this helps, but I don't let anyone borrow my purses.
    Just because it's more sentimental to me the purses that DH and I bought for various reasons.

    I'm more open to letting people borrow clothes, shoes, but not purses.
    I do ask myself a question when allowing someone to borrow things.

    If something were to happen to it (knock on wood), would you still be able to have a friendly relationship with her?
  3. Absolutely not!
  4. Nope! Never! I baby my bags more than any friend I have, and none of them buy high end bags. I let my mom carry my Gucci luggage when she travels (in the overhead compartment ONLY), and she is the only person I trust.
  5. This is a tough one! I guess my answer is NO.
  6. nope, never. I don't need to even go there. say something happened to the bag, I would feel terrible and so would whoever I loaned it to. then it comes down to who pays, I see it could be a huge mess.
  7. It depends on the person. I don't have a problem with sharing my bags.
  8. I think I'd find it hard to loan my friend my nice handbags, they are very personal things to me, just like my books. I've lent books out and never got them back in the same shape.

    I'd have no problem with loaning out or giving away bags I don't plan to use anymore.
  9. Yes, of course!
  10. No way. I will give my bags away, but I will not loan my bags to my friends.
  11. I would for sure. I loaned my friend my cerise speedy back when it was the hot thing, I have loaned my Elipisse, and my Mizi. Clothes as well...no problem. Some of my friends just can not swing it finicially and I love to see the excitement in their eyes!! I let one of my BF wear one a 12 carat diamond necklace and a few bracelets and a diamond ring..she was so was so HAPPY!! HOWEVER, after being at work for 3 hours she was so worried about loosing something she went home and took it all off! LOL So, yeah....I just do not mind.
  12. Hmm. I don't think I would. My handbags are a very personal expression for me. Also, I don't trust anyone else to care for them as I do.
  13. NO WAY!

    My friends don't own or buy designer handbags, they simply couldn't be trusted lol (sorry guys!) :nogood:
  14. It depends on the friend and the bag. My less expensive bags, I don't mind. But my higher end bags, probably not. All my friends know I baby my bags, so most don't even ask.

    I do have one friend that's asked a few times and the first 2 times, she wanted to borrow my Coach bags and I had no problems with that. But when she asked to borrow my Fendi B. we discussed it. She knew it was an expensive bag, so asked me how much it cost. After I told her, she was the one who decided not to risk it.
  15. I would have to say no. Unless like your friend who wanted to just test it out first before actually buying one. I would also lend one out if we were going out together so I could keep my eye on it. It would have to be a friend who I trust very much.