Would You Lend a Friend The Money To Buy A Highend Bag

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  1. My answer to that would be emmm NO !!! Because if she doesnt have the resources to buy her own then she doesnt have the resources to pay me back.

    So my question is: would you lend your friend the money to buy a expensive bag ?
  2. Generally speaking, I don't believe in lending money to friends. It can cause issues down the road... It'd be different if she knew she was getting a check or just didn't have her credit cards with her and we were out and this was the only way she could get the bag. Then I'd spot her the money.
  3. I would never lend money to my friend to buy a car, house or even a designer handbag. If you let money come into the friendship/relationship, it tends to get really messy. Ofcourse there are exceptions such as if we're out at a restaurant and she forgets her wallet or not enough cash on hand and other emergencies.
  4. If it was my best friend and she found a bag she REALLY adored...and could not afford it, I would buy it for her. I did that recently ..she wanted that suede dark purple juicy bag with all the strings hanging down. She cried with happiness and I had more fun doing that than shopping for me.
  5. A bag? No. To keep them off living the streets? Yes. I just lent a good amount of money to my friend who is in need. I know she will pay me back cause a similar thing happened before twice and she paid me back both times in full. I know her well enough to know that she won't ask unless it's really bad and she has no choice. But for a bag? No.
  6. Me too.
  7. I don't think I would lend a friend money in general as well, unless it's something like $20 dollars (I guess upwards to $100) if we are out and they are in a pinch.
  8. No - buying a high end bag

    I feel that is quite silly........ I'm not that rich anyway :lol:
  9. No way. If I can barely afford one myself then I'm not giving that money to anyone for anything - unless its to keep them off the streets or out of prison.
  10. I have never lent money to friends. I'v helped in other ways. People need to learn how to make it on their own. I find that people who borrow money don't just do it one time, they keep coming back.
  11. NO WAY! Nobody needs a new bag, if she can't afford it now, she will probably never ever pay you back which could end your friendship. Either buy her a bag as a gift becasue you can totall afford to do you or she can save her oney or just buy something within her means. If she just wants a bag for one special occasion, you could always loan her one of yours to carry for that one event and then have it pormptly returned!
  12. I wouldn't lend the $$$, but I have purchased a speedy 25 for a dearest friend of mine's 30th birthday knowing that she LOVES Louis Vuitton, but can never spend this kind of money on a bag. It made me feel GREAT just to see her reaction!!!
  13. Well, I'd rather lend a friend money to buy a bag over buying crack.. it really depends on the person and the situation. This is another grey area for me.
  14. I learned my lesson on this. My best friend wanted a Coach bag a couple years ago. She was in a very controlling relationship and didn't want him to see she spent money. She said she'd pay me back later. I lent her $209 after tax and I have yet to see a dime. I didn't let it ruin our friendship b/c we've now been friends for 21 years. She did let me slide on my half of the electric bill when we lived together, but that was only $47.
  15. i usually don't have the money to give, and even if i did, there's no reason to possibly jeopardize a friendship with unpaid debts down the road simply for something like a designer bag. as we all know, if we miss one, we move on to another.

    if my friend was impossibly rich and just didn't have her cc with her for some reason at the mall, i'd consider it, but only with someone i trusted completely and knew with certainty had the funds to pay me back immediately. like the same day. but i don't have any friends like that since i'm a college student.