Would you leave negative feedback on ebay for bad seller?

  1. Ok guys-
    I posted about 2 weeks ago concerning a pair of denim sandals (thongs) I bought from eBay. Well, they turned out to be fake. I emailed the seller and tried to be nice. I advised her that I had the shoes checked for authenticity & that they are not real. I did not wear them and told her I wanted to send them back for a full refund and that I wanted to handle things in an adult manner. I got an email back that was semi-snotty but said she would refund the money. Well-the return address on the box is to a UPS store-not her address. I have emailed 3 times in the last week and she will not respond.:cursing: I am ready to launch a very negative feedback on this gal-I do not want her to take any other TPF's money!! I am also going to open a fraud claim with eBay & paypal. Do you think I should wait to leave the negative feedback..or do it now. I feel I have given her more than enough time. Please advise!!!!:shrugs:
  2. Hello Kittyluv23--I'm so sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience with this seller. But know that it happens to the best of us, for it's certainly has happened to me. In my opinion, there's no rush in leaving the feedback. Further, to leave negative feedback now, will likely only make the seller feel she has no incentive to refund your money. I would go through the eBay Fraud process. I would send it back to the address it was mailed from, even if the address is a UPS store. If you take it to UPS, they should be able to scan the mailing label, to determine the sender's address. Worse case scenario, assuming you paid via credit or debit card, you can do a charge back. I did that with a fake LV wallet I purchased on Ebay some years ago. But in the final analysis, while these things can be frustrating, try not to let it get you down, for life is too short to let anyone or anything steal our joy. Everything will work out in the end.:flowers:
  3. You might get some good advice if you put your thread in the Ebay forum rather than under the LV forum - lots of the Ebay sellers are pretty active there. Good luck!
  4. do the dispute first. always make the negative feedback the very last thing you do, once you have your money back and everything is good
  5. I agree on filing a dispute first, that way you'd get the seller's address from Paypal and send the fakes back to her.
  6. File the dispute, get a refund either from her or your credit card company, and then file the negative. But wait to file the negative on the 90th day, late at night, that way it lessens the chance she might retaliate and give one back.
  7. You can leave a feedback months and sometimes even years later if you have the auction number so the 90 day thing is a fallacy

    File the dispute and see what happens. Don't leave feedback yet
  8. Dang, I never knew that neg. feedback was such a dreaded thing!
  9. Yes but keep in mind leaving neg feedback will warn others that this seller has sold a counterfeit item.
    You will hopefully help others from being defrauded.
  10. Can you contact ebay & get contact information? Go to the adv search page. If the information is bad, report the seller for invalid contact info.
  11. Yes, I have left negative for a seller that sold a counterfeit item to me. She had already left me positive feed back then I received the item and left her a negative to warn future buyers which is moot now since she is no longer a registered eBay member. My advice is to open a dispute with paypal or charge back with your credit card company to get your money back. Wait till the dispute is settled or the very last day you can leave feedback and then leave her the negative so you can warn other buyers. I'm sorry that you have to go through all this trouble, I know first hand what a pain it is to deal with a seller that gave you a fake address. I am still working with my credit card company to get my funds back. Make sure to make a copy of the eBay auction, and any type of correspondence from the seller, and the dispute/claim filed with paypal as this will help you with your charge back with the credit card company if you decide to file with them. Good luck!