Would you leave Negative Feedback for this?

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  1. I purchased a MJ purse from a seller who claimed that the item had been used once, and was in perfect condition. It was a fair price, but I was the winning bidder in a No Reserve auction, so that seems beside the point.
    When the purse arrived, the closure was broken. I had to close it and close it over and over again to get it to latch. It latched one out of every 10 times or so. This is not only not perfection condition, but for me, not useable. Good price or not, I wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars on a purse that couldn't be closed.

    I contacted the seller within 30 minutes of receiving the item to let her know. I very politely told her that this was not the condition that she advertised, I would be sending the item back, and I would appreciate a full refund. (I should note that the purse arrived in one of those USPS flat rate boxes with no packaging material.) She responded the next day and said that when she sent it, it was fine, and to please try it again. I told her I did, still broken. The next day she wrote back that I had gotten a good deal, perhaps I should get it fixed, and in any case she didn't except returns.

    I pointed out that I was not trying to return the bag because I had changed my mind, that I was returning it because I purchased a purse in perfect condition and received a broken one. I told her that I would file a claim with eBay, and I did so.

    She emailed back and said that I was "threatening" her, and that now that I had filed a claim, she supposed I could send the item back. No more emails for 3 weeks. She never responded to the claim, and eBay eventually decided in my favor. They told me to ship it back, and wait for her to refund me. I emailed her several times after it had been delivered, but she didn't respond. Finally, eBay credited me the money. Then, at the 3 week mark, she emailed back that she was ready to "take care of this." I told her no need, I had already received a refund.

    I am tried to put myself in her position, suppose I shipped something in perfect condition, and the seller claimed it was dammaged. Now she is out the money and has a damaged purse. This is of course if it wasn't damaged when she sent it to me.

    For some reason, I feel bad for this lady. I don't know if it is right for me to leave negative feedback, since I did get a refund with or without her help. She has very low feedback, so a negative would definitely damage her score. Also, I am concerned that she might write something negative in my feedback, which I don't need, since I have started to sell a few things.

    What would you do?

    (Sorry this is soooooo long!)
  2. Sellers cannot leave buyers a NEG, so if she does, you can report it to ebay and get it removed.

    The seller was not cooperative w/ you in any way. You had to file a dispute. Seller never responded to dispute. Ebay had to decide the dispute. Once bag returned, the seller did not refund, you had to wait for ebay to refund.

    Your choice.. neg or neutral w/ an explanation that item damaged upon receipt, had to file w/ ebay to get refund.
  3. Think this seller acted poorly and was not responsive to your e-mails..

    perhaps you might have considered having the bag repaired and the seller

    reimburse you.. she deserves a negative and you can explain circumstances

    when you leave the feedback.. sellers have to take responsibility for their actions..

    if she explained to you why she didn't answer your e-mails in a timely fashion.. you

    might want to take that into consideration.. but this situation sounds different..
  4. Yes, definitely a negative for that one. Had she apologized and offered to have you return the bag to begin with I would feel differently, but she did not. She fought you every step of the way and made it difficult for you by having to force the issue via a claim. This is something that as a buyer I would like to know about before getting into a transaction with the seller so you are doing other buyers a favor by leaving honest feedback.

    She is not allowed to write something negative for your feedback, if she does you should call Ebay and report her and have it removed. Sellers can no longer leave negative feedback and that includes a positive rating with something negative written in there.

  5. the way i see it - since you described the way she packed it... it's her fault if it arrived broken. she should've packed it better.
  6. Plain and simple--yes, she deserves a negative. Absolutely.
  7. Not only that the item is SNAD, but seller did not want to take responsibility of her error, poorly packing, bad communications, and put you through all the trouble filing a dispute, etc. In my opinion she deserved a negative feedback.
  8. definitely yes !
  9. Please leave a negative to warn other buyers. :tdown:
  10. ITA -- and I'm not one to throw negs around :smile: "Poor packing, item damaged on receipt, uncooperative" (50 characters) so you could add "-ebay made her refund me" (24 characters) just in case she follows up your f/b with "Unreasonable buyer, got full refund after damaging purse" or something, y'know?
  11. Try not to feel bad. Describing items accurately and getting them safely to the buyer is the seller's responsibility, and your seller was clearly not taking any responsibility. Leave a negative for the sake of the other unsuspecting buyers who might want to buy from your seller. Good luck!

    And just so you know, the seller will be asked to reimburse eBay for the refund that eBay issued to you. So the seller won't end up with both the bag and the money.
  12. If you don't feel comfortable and if leaving neg feedback is going to torture you, then don't worry about it.. she's already put you through enough. But on the other hand, even if a seller is upset with their buyer, they are running somewhat of a business and should act accordingly by dealing with it as best and helpfully as they can. I had a problem with the one bag I've bought through ebay, but the seller was so helpful and eager to please, that I just let it go and kept the bag (which will go in for repairs). You never know how your attitude will affect a situation and this lady obviously blew it because she has no idea how to treat her customers.
  13. This is sort of my own personal rule of thumb around these things. There are always exceptions, but if the basic format goes like this:

    Item listed as being in "x" condition - "x" could = "mint," " great," "barely used," "NWOT," or any sort of similar adjective. Item arrived in "y" condition. "y" could = "broken," "damaged," "very worn," "scratched," or any such pemutation.

    Buyer writes a letter to seller saying: "I'm sorry, but you listed the purse in "x" condition, but I received it in "y" condition.

    1. Seller says "Yes, I'm so sorry, what can I do to help or fix the situation?"
    My reply: "Thank you SOOO much for your ethical behavior" and seller deserves a big shining pos. feedback as reward for honesty.

    2. Seller says "You are LYING, I never would do such a thing, and you are obviously trying to trick me" or some such permutation.
    My reply: " Let me send you some pictures - I've taken about 50 or 70, or whatever amount I've taken, so that the seller can see for themselves."
    Seller says: "You are just trying to work the system," " You are lying," or some such permutation, AFTER proof is shown, and an attempt at communication honestly is made.
    My response: Open SNAD case. If seller cops to their error finally, and APOLOGIZES, then either positive or neutral (depending on the sincerity of the apology and explanation of behavior). If they STILL attack me and REFUSE to apologize, even after all the evidence is showing that I am not lying - negative feedback left so that others know that this seller has no problems lying about condition, and then refuses to take ANY responsibility.

    That's sort of a simplified version of how MY brain works.
    I'm sure many would disagree, but this is how I function, and I believe it is fair.

    Good luck in your situation - I know each case deserves to be seen from many perspectives in order to understand the complete situation, and I believe in doing this, as well as in using my intuition - but then I've dealt with a LOT of liars in my life, and have a pretty sharply honed BS detector. Not that I am saying that I'm perfect, but that I have a very strong sense about lying based on a lot of experience.

    I do wish you the best of luck in your experience. :smile:
  14. The seller took far too long to respond to your messages. Definitely leave her a Negative. (Don't feel guilty!! That's the most important thing!)
  15. BY ALL MEANS, SHE DESERVES THE NEG. Either she lied about the condition when she listed it or she packed it so poorly that it was damaged in shipping. Either way, she is at fault. If it was over $200, she should have insured the package anyhow!!