Would you leave neg. feedback

  1. I sold a LV bag on eBay for 600.00 5 or six days ago. I sent an invoice and folow up emails and still no payment.
    I tried to contact them via there cell # that eBay had as I was leaving town this weekend and wanted to ship item out. The cell number was someone elses. I finally sent an email saying I needed them to cotact me and let me know if they had any intention of paying for the bag and if I didn't hear back the I would have to get eBay involved and leave negative feedback for non payment.

    I finally got an email back from a woman saying that her daughter had made the offer on my LV bag using her account (it was an offer not a straight auction) and that neither she or her daughter could afford to pay for the bag. She said she had had surgery and thats why I hadn't heard from her and that her daughter just told her about all this.

    I have relisted the item but should I leave negative feedback? If the woman's daughter did bid she must have had mom's password as well as known what she was doing as she made an offer (and one that was an appropriet price for the bag at that). Not to mention that the cell number listed as her contact number is no longer hers. Is this a mistake or am I being scammed...
  2. I'd file a non paying bidder alert first and see if they pay. If they don't respond to the alert, you can safely neg them without any retaliation (even if they do neg you, it doesn't affect your score). Sounds like buyer's remorse to me, but make sure you go through the proper channels. Since you already relisted the bag, you're going to have to pay eBay fees again. If you had waited you could have gotten some of your fees waived (if she wound up not paying).
  3. Old story :push: almost non paying bidders will tell such this story!

    Agree with Lori :yes:

    If you feel this is such a time waster, then leave her - feedback.
  4. Boy, that sounds like a fish story to me. I'd take a look at the feedback, but I'd file the NPB, especially if you relisted already. That's a big listing/selling fee to lose. You have 7 days to hear more stories and can always not finalize it at the end, if you choose.
  5. she has good feedback for prompt payment but all the items she purchased have been around 15-20.00
  6. I don't buy that story. It does sound a buyer remorse to me. People should be responsible to their own behavior instead of giving excuses and waste everybody's time. File her a non-paying bidder dispute. If she doesn't respond within 7 days, you will have your final fee back so you can leave her a negative feedback.
  7. I hate being mean...especially if her story is true (one never knows). But I can't help but still feel she is irresponsible to not change her contact info and allow someone else (especially her daughter) to have her ebay password.
  8. Lately, I've had several buyers make a Best Offer on my items and then once I've accepted their offer they no longer want the item. I'm absolutely sick of it. The most recent excuse I've heard is, "Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner to pay, but I was out of town. I no longer want the bag". Sigh...... yeah, sure. So that's why she kept bidding on several other items 2 consecutive days AFTER winning my auction and not paying. People are full of it.

    I've heard every excuse there is and eBay really needs to figure out a way to make their Best Offer auctions with Immediate Payment Required.

    The person who bid on your LV has made an excuse not to pay. It's nothing new. I would not only leave her negative feedback - I would get her kicked off of eBay for not having correct contact information and I would do so immediately. And not just for you, but for other seller's who may have to deal with her in the future. Like me. LOL!
  9. Thanks...I am going to get on this in the morning...
  10. I would file a NPB report with eBay, wait a few days to see if they pay. That way, if they don't pay they will get a NPB strike on their account...It's basically a form of punishment for being irresponsible with their eBay account.
  11. Ah, the old "my kid bid and I just had surgery" -- nonsense. I agree you should file a NPB and neg her.
  12. I agree.

    That is the oldest excuse in the book.

    I've heard it many times. Won't you have to file something anyway to get your ebay listing fees credited?
  13. Amazing - I've heard that one too, more times than I can remember in over 8 years on ebay!

    We've got to get this woman's daughter away from the computer!!!:nuts:

  14. I do agree about having eBay change their policy to having 'immediate payment required' for all Best Offers accepted.
    I would also make sure to put a 'block bidder' on this person for the future.....
    Inasfar as negative feedback, I would probably have to leave it....I hate that - and luckily I haven't had to do it often, but it sucks when they do it back to you and you've done nothing wrong...like you were "not understanding" or something.....:tdown:
  15. :roflmfao: