Would you kids and teens carry this. Help need again..

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  1. Hi TPFers. I came to you about my last design for my teen line and now... Im back :biggrin:. I have finished yet another design and need teen and kiddy approval on these patent and nappa leather babies. Thanks in advance.

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  2. I would take off the little keychain, star, heart, thing, and wear it in most likely red or black. Possibly white (although I don't like white purses). - Age 15 :smile:
  3. I'm not really a fan of the fringe tassle attached to the bag, but the shape is pretty cute. By any chance are you going to make it in blue too?

    Other then that I'd carry it. (I'm 15 by the way)
  4. I agree, it seemed like the color missing. I wouldn't carry it in the green, organge, or yellow. But I would like it in a navy blue. :smile:
  5. Yes it will be in blue. This is 6 of 15 available colors and I put the extras on a keyring so that you would have the option to remove them. Thanks for your input!
  6. Also let me explain something about the tassle. It represent the interior color of the bag. and their names are listed below:

    Black-Bumble Bee Boom
    Red-Cherry POP!
    Yellow-Banana Kiwi Krunch
    White-Citrus Kiss
    Orange-Orange Juice Drop
    Green-Bubble Gum Blast
  7. Oh that makes a lot more sence! That's a cute, creative idea. But I still don't like the tassle much. Its good that It'll be able to take it off. I'm acctually serriously considering the red. I really like it. Do you know when/where these will be availible? (I know they're still in the process of being made, but if you have any idea/estimate?)
  8. Yeah I would totally buy the black. I need a nice black bag so an estimate would be great.
  9. To quote you both: they will be available in August and the price will be along the lines of Dooney or Coach bags. I am still waiting on my production costs to be quoted. These are shown in the smallest available size which is 7" x 9".
  10. Hi, There's no buying and selling on the forum, as you may know.
  11. Like JellyV said, we don't allow buying and selling on the forum. We also don't allow third parties to conduct market research of our members or advertise their businesses in posts. Please review our rules again, and contact us if you have any questions, but we cannot allow these kinds of posts.
Thread Status:
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