Would you keep? Will this bag be a "staple?"

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  1. i think its cute, its a good colour!
  2. very classy bag. i think it would go with anything and always stay in style. it does not have any faddy characteristics. so it would be a safe bag to purchase. good luck josie
  3. i don't think it matters if it is in style or not, what is important is if you like it. fashion is too fickle and we all be in the poor house if we try to keep with it!
    it is a cute bag and the colour combo is good!
  4. thanks girls. I like it but don't LOVE it. If I found one used for half the price - it'd be a no brainer. I think she's going back. I wish the leather and the handles were better on the bag. Thanks for the feedback. :smile:

  5. Shame you don't love it. But now you're returning it, you can put that money to good use buying a bag you do love :smile:
  6. sound decision... it's best to save up for a bag that really makes your heart flutter!
  7. It also depends on your individual style.

    See by Chloe is a little more youthful than Chloe, but the shape and simplicity of the bag can outlast the trend if your wardrobe/accessories speak to the same type of style.

    I was considering purchasing the green version, but I've put myself on a ban :P

    I have 2 SBCs myself. I'll post my collection soon :smile:
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