Would you keep this necklace

  1. Hello, this is my first time posting in this section!
    My BF gave me an amber necklace as a Christmas present, but I already have an Armani amber necklace that I bought about 2 years ago. My question is: should I keep both? I could sell the Armani one, since it hasn't been used for 1 year and a half, or would I regret it later?
    first picture is of the Armani necklace, 2nd of my new one.
    S6300262.JPG S6300265.JPG
  2. I think they're different enough that you could keep both, but only if you'd wear them :smile: Love the first one-very delicate and elegant.
  3. I do like the first one better, but I think they're different enough to keep both.
  4. I agree that they are different enough that you could keep both. However, if you haven't worn the Armani one for some time I'd get rid of that one. I'd keep the one your BF gave you. It is very pretty and has sentimental value.
  5. They are both very pretty and completely individual,do you really want to let one go???

    Amber does'nt have a great re-sale value,so for that reason I would'nt want to let either go,

    The second is I can think of so many ways you could wear either!!!!

    The third reason is regret is a keeper,and always will be if you let one go and then decide to replace it a little while after.
    Hun,I'd keep both,I have bits that are years old I don't wear that often,but when an occasion does pop up thats fitting,I'm glad I've got them!!!
  6. I'd keep both--they're so different; the first seems so dressy and the second is more casual (but could be dressed up).
  7. thanks, I think that the Armani one could have more use if I replaced the suede chain with a white gold one
  8. Good idea!!!:tup:Would look fabulous with a suit if you did!!!!:tup:
  9. I would definitely keep both, go buy another jewelry chest or whatever,
    you'll need another one eventually. I keep all my jewelry for sentimental reasons. Think about why you bought it, where you bought it, or who gave it to you. How were you feeling at that time? What was going on in your life? I have a pendant a girl friend gave to me in elementary school, it would look like junk to anyone else but I still treasure it.
  10. Keep them both!
  11. I don't see why you couldn't keep both. In fact, if you put the Armani one on a gold chain, it could be for dressier occasions while the new one from DBF is more casual.
  12. I say keep them both, they look completely different from each other. And the second holds sentimental value as well. :smile:
  13. your boyfriend has spectacular taste! if you like amber and don't mind another amber piece, i'd say keep it because they are both different looking and definately work. don't sell the one that you've had because just the fact that you're questioning whether or not you'll regret it probably means you will in the future.
  14. I think both are great and would keep them.