Would you keep the Berkley and the Trevi pm in Ebene

  1. Have the Berkley in the ebene, she is a beautiful handbag, went into my LV store yesterady and they had just unpacked one Trevi PM. Since I have 14 days to make a decision I took her home. Should I keep both? Want something in Azur but afraid of too much vachetta on the Berkley so went with the ebene, thinking of the Hempstead in Azur when she comes out.
  2. I would return the berkeley and keep the trevi. The trevi is more unique. I find the berkeley to be too much like the speedy--I like it but can't justify the cost.
  3. Oh, that is a tough one! If $$ weren't an issue I would probably keep both. I already have the damier ebene Speedy 30 I so I ended up returning my ebene Berkeley for my Trevi PM. Thought the Speedy and the Berkeley were too similar.
  4. Hubby bought me the Berkley so have to keep her, since he paid for one I can proably pay for the other, do you think they are too similiar to keep both?
    Did not have anything in ebene before these 2 bags...they would be my only ones all my others are mono, vintage mono
  5. keep both! otherwise, I'd prb keep the berkeley...the trevi just seems a bit too structured to me
  6. Then keep both! Gorgeous start to your damier collection! And get a pomme cles to go with them! :graucho:
  7. ^^^ Then I would definitly keep the Berkeley so you don't hurt hubby's feeling and risk him not getting you anymore LV's (eeek, we don't want that, LOL!).
    If you really love the trevi too and money is not an issue, then keep it too! As long as you are happy, that's all that matters ... both are great bags!:tup:
  8. I would keep the Trevi
  9. My vote is for the Berkeley! Gorgeous, Gorgeous Bag!!!
  10. I think they're different enough to keep both, but if you have to return one, I say return the Berkeley. I am in LOVE with the Trevi. However, since your hubby bought you the Berkeley, I guess your only option would be to part with the Trevi. :sad:
  11. I'd RETURN the Berkeley, KEEP the Trevi and GET the Azur Hampstead when it comes out. :yes:
  12. keep both!!!!!!! they're both so beautifull
  13. I would keep the Trevi, it has a better and unique look.
  14. Keep the Trevi. I'm not a big fan of the Berkley. Its like a lot like a structured speedy to me. The Trevi is an amazing bag
  15. only keep ONE the two bags are all similar in terms of function and style, save the money to buy azur hampster instead!