Would you keep or return this reissue?


May 18, 2009
Hi all,

Was very happy to add the dark gold reissue but I had noticed on closer inspection there was a tiny dark dot on the centre of the front flap (maybe i'm being picky but my other reissue doesnt have this) The bag is brand new and the SA said that it wasnt uncommon to have this as part of production so I checked with another TPFer but they have never seen this on any of their reissues either.

I'm thinking to still keep it as my boutique only allows exchange not returns but would like to hear more opinions and see if anyone has had similar experience?

Also if it was you, would you keep this bag based on the photos below?

Thanks thanks



Apr 21, 2012
well first I am going to hold my tongue and be good, well there are several things that come to mind.

1. you had to take a very close picture and blow it up to see it so I am guessing if someone (other then you) looked at the bag probably wouldn't notice it. I would keep it because it adds a little charm to the bag.
2. You did spend a great deal of money on the bag, (just saying that sentence) I would say take it back as you should get what you paid for. Although and this is where I am going to be good. If everyone did that with everything they owned prices would go so high up people wouldn't be able to afford anything. But I digress, if it is bothering you that much return it and get another one.
3. What is to say if you did return it, get a new one (with out the flaw) that something like this might not happen down the road?

4. It all comes down to what you want to do, it seems like you have given it thought and by putting it on here that you are not happy with the bag having the small hole in it, so I say take it back and get the bag that makes you happy. :smile:

Good luck and I am sure you will love the next bag more then this one.


Dec 31, 2006
from those pics, the dot looks very small but maybe you can post a shot of the entire bag and we can see if it's prominent? i will say though that if it bothers you, return it because the dot will never go away and you will always know it's there.


Dreaming H
Dec 31, 2009
I always shop items in perfect condition and understand if something bothers you now then it will always be there, but now we are talking about a really small imperfection that you only can notice on close examination so I hope you learn to live with it.The imperfection is so tiny, though unfortunately on a spot you can see very well if you know It's there...I myself would not exchange the bag but if you repeatedly when taking your beauty out of her box think about the spot then return it. I have noticed that if I love a bag but a tiny detail like some decoration on the strap bothers me then its better not to buy a bag because there will always be other bags that are perfect! In your case this is not the problem but just trying to give a comparison.It's ok to be picky especially if you are not buying an item on sale.I once accepted a special LV almost 3000€ even if it wasn't in perfect condition but I really wanted the bag and there was no other option because I would not have it otherwise.I knew that the delicate leather would have small markings later. hope you make the right decision for yourself.If you can't exchange the bag for another perfect one then I would keep it.


Aug 8, 2007
Can we see a picture of the bag at a further view. Just to see if its noticeable. If it really bothers you as it is at the front of the flap, return it as your the one wholl be seeing it each time you use it. If it were me, depending on the visibility of it on a not so close up view, Id probably keep it :smile:


Nov 21, 2012
ok, i would only keep it if i don't notice it but now that you do, i think it's going to bother you so i say, exchange it.


Jun 25, 2009
i would keep it as well - i think every bag will have some kind of flaw if you examine it very closely. if it does bother you, i would see if the SA can find you another one.


❤️ Lambskin Lover ❤️
Apr 13, 2012
From the reveal that you did of the bag, i didn't notice this spot at all. It really is tiny, and looks to be a function of the leather more than a "hole," but I am not looking at the bag directly as you are. I think especially with the reissues, the distressed look does make each bag unique, so they are not going to be totally uniform. If it were me, I'd be fine with it, but it's your bag, so you need to do what makes you happy.


Jan 3, 2009
I would keep it, it´s too small to make a return I think. Eventhough it is Chanel, nothing is absolut perfect and you have a gorgeous bag!