Would you keep or exchange?

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  1. Hi all, I'm new here. So glad to have found this community! Wondering if I could get some input -- would you keep of exchange this bag?

    I got this Swagger 27 from the last outlet sale online. It was a pretty good price, I think under $200 after a price adjustment (had to call to get 25 percent when they put a new coupon code on the front page... It hasn't gone through on my credit card yet).

    I like the bag, but it came with some scratches. I know glovetanned leather scratches easily, but it'd be nice if the bag didn't come pre-scratched.

    I was considering asking for an exchange, but I'm wondering if it'll be worth it. The new one might be worse. And maybe I'm just being too picky. What do you think? Should I just live with it? IMG_20190921_120203.jpg IMG_20190921_120237.jpg IMG_20190921_120256.jpg
    IMG_20190921_120256.jpg IMG_20190921_120237.jpg
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  2. Exchange
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  3. +1
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  4. It looks pretty beat up so I'd exchange. It's a really pretty color for fall. Hopefully you can get one in better condition.
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  5. Exchange. There are a lot of scratches and if that were me, it would be all I see when I carry the bag.
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  6. With this coming from the outlet sales... sometimes you get a perfect bag, other times, not so great. There is no guaranteed that the next one may be better. The one you received seems to be a good bag, it looks like some of it still had the original packaging. You might risk an exchange and receive one of those bags that looks like its been thru hell. Have you tried using some leather conditioner on it? That usually does the trick.

    Regardless of the discount, it’s what you feel comfortable with. If the scratches are going to bother you, try to exchange it (but know the risk). Or just return and save your money for another bag.
  7. That's a bit too scratched up for my taste, even for an outlet bag. Exchange it.
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  8. Exchange! Those scratches would drive me nuts!
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  9. Thanks guys! Made me feel a whole lot better because I thought maybe I was being too picky. I called customer service and they were happy to do an exchange.
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  10. I didn't try conditioner... the bag is already as UPS so I'll keep it in mind for the future. Thanks for the tip!
  11. I'm so sorry. That is very upsetting. I would exchange it.
    Welcome aboard!
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  12. If it was me, I would look to exchange or refund the bag. I wouldn't be too happy that it has a lot of scratches. Although I recognise it is an outlet bag, you are still paying a lot for it. Do bear in mind that this leather will scuff and scratch easily, so it may pick up scratches in the future depending on how you treat your handbags.
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  13. Thanks, love your YouTube channel (I assume it's you because it's the same name as your screen name). I even go back and watch your old videos because I just love hearing about bags.
  14. I would exchange - the scratches are probably going to happen but you should make them
  15. Welcome! Fingers crossed for your exchange! Let us know!
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