Would you keep it?

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  1. I ended up buying a really beautiful PS1 Pouch in black. Unfortunately it has a scratch right on the front of the bag. Would you keep it with the scratch? It was a really fantastic price (like 60% off) so I am torn.

    I was also able to get another pouch in midnight blue but it was about $150 more (this one is perfect) . I love both colors but the price difference between the two is making me think.

  2. I would totally keep it - it's rare to find the black pouch on sale. Its also a casual bag, so chances are it will get a little scratched up over time anyway.
  3. I agree. It's a small scratch so for a great price I think I'd overlook it. Have you tried using a leather cleaner/conditioner on the scratch?
  4. I haven't tried a leather cleaner/conditioner. What would be a good one to try?

    I called the merchant but it looks like they are all sold out. That makes the decision even harder!
  5. one of the most popular ones here on TPF is Apple brand......worth try
  6. Does it bother you if you look at it? If yes I would return it for the midnight (which is an amazing color), if not; keep it. :smile:
  7. You should feel good about your purchase, first and foremost. Understandably you were disappointed to receive this bag and if it will bother you for a long time it's not worth it, even on sale. That said - and this is just my own personal quirk - sometimes I'm relieved when there's a small imperfection a bag (usually only ones I bought on sale) because it makes me less afraid to mess up my pristine bag - it's already happened. But this is coming from someone who's afraid of damaging perfect bags and hence uses them infrequently ! Anyway just another perspective :smile:
  8. I would keep it. It's barely noticeable now. Also, I agree with others; you might even be able to get rid of the scratch with some cleaners and a bit of rubbing.

    I have the same bag and it's one of my top two used bags... I LOVE it. I'm not particularly gentle with it either, and it seems to only get better with time.
  9. I would keep it too. You got the bag for such a great price. I also don't think it's noticeable and it can't hurt to try some of the suggestions in this thread to get rid of it. :smile:
  10. keep it! what a great price.
  11. I think it's very minor, and that some leather conditioner would help. Did you find it at a Nordstrom's rack?