Would you keep it?

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  1. I am so unsure of what to do. I bought a galet city with RH from FP and just received it today. It is really a pretty bag and I think I like it. It was just a little bit over full price and it perfect shape and condition but it didn't come with tags. I think I like the color but am not sure and am wondering if I am thinking that I am more bothered that the tags weren't with it and I paid a little over the regular price. It is a hard bag to find. What would you do?? Is it a color worth not worrying about the tags? Should I keep it?:confused1::shrugs:
  2. If you like the bag, the leather, the smell, the color - the tags shouldn't bother you. Honestly. The City has the silver tag so at least its easy to ID what year its from if need be.

    The most important thing should be that you like (love!) the bag itself. :flowers:
  3. Just to make sure it is indeed Galet: Here is a pic. This is the first time I have seen Galet IRL so maybe I should make sure it is what it says it is. I do like the color RERE and smell etc. and the leather is soft and broken in to smooshy pretty much. I do like the color and can see it being a very great neutral color. Will I get tired of it?

  4. ^^ Its a beauty. And it IS Galet. And a fine one that that!

    I really like it. I had one, but eventually got rid of it as my mom has the SAME BAG so I figured I could use hers eventually when she'd let me snag it from her, lol.

    It sounds like perhaps its the color you are unsure of? I've seen your collection though, and it does seem to fit right in. Matches EVERYTHING. Cannot go wrong. I personally think its one of the best colors of 2009...
  5. Just a quick thought - when I buy secondhand bbags, it doesn't matter to me if the tags are included or not. What I like is that all the parts are there, shoulder strap, extra tassels if any, etc. But people are different and I understand some MUST have the tags and if there's no tags, its considered a deal-breaker. Of course I'd prefer them just to have them, but most important is that I like the bag itself.

    I just can't go into it thinking that I'll need the tags one day,... hard to explain - sorry !
  6. Kim, my SGH Galet City from NM came without tags! By tags I mean all associated Balenciaga documention such as the production card, etc. The only inclusion was the NM price tag attached to the inside pocket. At first I was really annoyed and let the s/a know (She said she could order the documentation from Balenciaga) but the more I thought it over, the more I realized I love the bag and if I do sell it down the road, the price tag and receipt are enough information to satisfy a potential buyer.

    I figure my bag is probably a return since I bought it at the close of the season and whoever owned it threw out the cards.
  7. I love the Galet City and have searched high and low.....it's gorgoeus!!

    Sorry....what is "FP?"
  8. I think FP stands for Fashionphile, a consignment website.
  9. i like it!! i would keep it! :greengrin:
  10. Its a keeper
  11. I am glad to know it is the right color (Galet) and you are right that the tags about the tags. It does go great with my other bags because I have a lot of color but not basic neutrals. I do really like that it isn't blue gray or just a gray, gray, but it has so much depth. It is what so many have described it as, a hard color to describe but almost dark cement with a little khaki. I do have a suede jacket that I have had for years and is one of my favorite jackets and I have always wanted a Bal bag that was almost that color. I had no idea that Galet was it.... Thanks guys for making me more excited about it. There isn't anything in my wardrobe that it doesn't look great with.

    Why am I not so excited as I should be???
  12. ^^ I think the answer is simple...

    What other people love about the color, maybe for you - not so much?

    It definitely is taupe/gray/beige. Sometimes I think its what irritated me the most about the color. Like it couldn't decide what it was (which is strange cause I always liked the chameleon bal colors).

    ...what are your thoughts when people describe the bag as a bit "dull?"
  13. Definitely Galet and definitely beautiful!! :love:

    Personally, I would be less-than-excited about paying over retail, even for a bag that I desperately wanted. As ridiculous as it sounds, that's where I "draw the line."

    I've never bought from FP, will they accept a return? I happen to think it's a beautiful bag, but if I received a Bal that I didn't fall in love with and the option to return was available, I would probably return it.
  14. Okay, I am looking at it again and I do love the way it changes in the lighting. It is really a cool bag. Roey, do you still love your GSH Galet? RERE, you are lucky your Mom loves Bals too!
  15. RERE, that is exactly it about the color. I will have to wait till tomorrow and see again. The lighting at night is different. I liked it this afternoon and tonight.....I don't know......

    ehemelay, you are so right, and it did tick me off that it was over the original price but only by $30. I just thought that for that it should have everything (tags) with it. I do have 5 days to return it.