Would you keep it or hold out...

  1. OK, I got my Spiaggia Luna from Nordstrom.com. It's *almost* exactly what I wanted. 1 side with the water scene towards the bottom and the other side with the beach scene... so by a combo of the 2 sides, you get essentially the whole pattern. And Adios on the surfboard is in a great location for what I wanted.

    Perfect would have been if one side was shifted down about a 1/2 inch and if the other side was shifted up about a 1/2 inch.

    What I'm missing is... nowhere on the bag do I have a complete monkey on the surfboard. He's cut off on the sides, bottom and hidden under the leather. I have all of it through a combo of locations where it partially appears... and about 90-95% of it in one spot. Same with the kid getting the lotion put on.

    What would you do? Be happy with a bag that's like 95% perfect? Or hold out for 100% PERFECT?
  2. i would keep it because ill prob get something else in that print and look for the monkey there
  3. hmmmm...... what's Nordstrom's return policy like? you could keep it until you find your 100% perfect placement. if you plan on using the bag anytime soon, i agree with Swtest2Lips advice.
  4. yah depends on the return policy. Macy's has an insane (but awesome) policy where you get 180 days to decide whether you want to keep an item. I thought it was only 30 days but if you look at the back of the receipt it says 180 days!!

    so umm .. yah .. depending on Nordie's policy. Do you love it tho? If you do love it .. maybe keep it?
  5. hang on to it. you never know if the perfect one will ever cross your path. better safe than sorry, plus if you have the receipt, you can return the item to Nordies whenever you want...theres no real time limit according to my boyfriend's sister who works @ Nordies.
  6. i also agree with the others..keep it..and maybe you'll find your 100% perfect print soon.
  7. Yeah, I'm definitely leaning towards keeping it because it is *almost* perfect. I 95% love it!

    But I think I'll leave the tags on until I use it just in case I find a 100% perfect one before that.
  8. i'm glad i returned the zucca that i was 90% happy with for the bambinone that i 100% friggin LOVE!!!
  9. i would hang on to it until i got the one i like 100% and return it
  10. Wow. I really thought the entire print would fit on a luna! I'm guessing that the full Spiaggia print doesn't actually fit neatly on any of the bags!

    I'm missing the sea urchin on my Gioco and it's driving me nuts!
  11. I think the Ciao Ciao actually gets it best... because the print is taller than it is wide... like the unfolded Ciao Ciao. The Luna is wide, but the panels aren't that tall, so depending how it's placed on each of the 3 panels, you may not get everything. I would have the 2 characters (monkey on a surfboard and lotion guy) perfectly, if they weren't both under the leather holding down the strap on one side. (and I do have them all via a combo of spots on the bag... just not 100% displayed in one location, does that make sense) - I stared at a Spiaggia Ciao Ciao in 2 different stores for quite a while... but in the end, couldn't figure out what I'd ever use a Ciao Ciao for. And I thought the print made for a great weekend-er bag... so that's why the Luna for me.
  12. I considered the Ciao Ciao for Spiaggia, but I really don't use the Foresta Ciao Ciao I have as it is. It's just too flat to use as a work bag.
  13. I think as long as the monkey appears, it's ok. But keep an eye out for a better one just in case.
  14. HAHAHA, I can't believe I started a conversation about the "Monkey on my bag". Do you think there's maybe a little something deeper to that?:wtf: