Would you keep Elgin in Blck or in Oak?

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  1. I hope that it is OK to ask this question:

    I have an Elgin in Black and now I just got another one in Oak of eBay. It arrived today and it is gorgeous! Leather has turned into a deep shade of honey.

    I do love my black one too but due to extensive home improvements I can only keep one of them, I have sold quite a few of my bags and the ones that are left or not for sale are:

    Bayswater in Chocolate
    Bayswater in Black with silver hardware
    East West Bayswater in Ginger
    Roxanne in Orange

    Which one to keep?
  2. Oak, as u already have a black bag? IMHO a collection is not complete without some gorgeous oak :smile:
  3. I'd suggest keeping the oak too given your current collection. However will you be happy using the oak? The black is at least weather proof and worry free in terms of watermarks etc.
  4. Oak
  5. I'd say black as I see Elgin as a workhorse and black is more usable and needs less babying.
  6. I agree with BC for that reason and that as you have ginger and orange already oak might be too much in the same trend?
  7. I'd say OAK as you don't have one in your collection . I am guessing that if you were 100% happy with your black one you wouldn't have been tempted by the Oak :shrugs:
  8. Oak Elgin sounds lovely but as some of the other ladies have already said the Elgin is a workhorse and so Black is probably more hardwaring. Think I would have to keep the Black if one really had to go.
  9. I vote for oak for several reasons...you already have a black bag and you don't have any other oak. Also, if you felt compelled to get oak, then you obviously felt black wasn't cutting the mustard :biggrin: I might be biased as I prefer oak over black any day...but OAK, OAK, OAK!
  10. Lea-m, which do you see yourself wearing the most? I think that is where your answer lies. Maybe you'd find oak doesn't give you the 'pop' of colour that you love with ginger and orange.

    I personally prefer black, because it can be used come rain or shine. Mind you, I'm also biased, since I don't get along with oak, so maybe my vote should be void.
  11. Tough one! I have to say I love love my Oak Bays, but Oak does require some babying. But you don't have an Oak bag, and it's such a classic color.

    (Jealous you have two Elgins when I'm still trying to get my hands on one!)
  12. Thank you, all of you, and sorry for not answering each one of you wonderful ladies personally (it is past bedtime!). I am still not able to decide which one to keep. I do not think that I will have to "baby" the Oak one, here is the link to eBay auction:


    I do love the black one, as well.

    I will let you now my decision, once I have reached one.
  13. Looks lovely lea-m. Actually, although I picked black earlier, I do remember someone on here doing a test with her oak elgin (I think) which involved running it under a tap after she'd sprayed it - no water marks! So it could be just as hardwearing given the right care. I had a quick look for it but couldn't find the thread right now.
    (good price too btw)
  14. To add to Brookles links above: I accidentally poured a latte on my Oak Bays within days of Colloniling it, and the milk wiped right off without a mark. Wow!

    However, I got caught in a surprise misty rain a month or so later and the Oak Bays still has tiny watermarks from that very short shower.

    Lesson: Collonil is a marvel, but the protection fades with time!

    Also, I hate that I'm afraid to keep pens, gloss, or anything that might leak in my Oak Bays. At least with the darker bags, if something explodes the stain won't be as obvious.