Would you keep a Chanel gift you really don't like?

  1. I got a bag for Christmas from my husband and I don't want to hurt his feelings. He really tried and probably will be insulted but I just don't like it.
    I keep taking it out hoping it will grow on me and it is not.
    It just says classic bag with flap and is soft sided with quilting in the front & two front pockets attached, the tops of them are quilted in a smaller pattern & the bottom of them is smooth. It has a large pocket in the back which is quilted, chain shoulder strap with silver hardware.
    He also got me a wallet which is black lambskin like the bag. Of course a wallet is always nice but I will probably ruin a lambskin in no time.
    I was thinking of telling him that I heard it would tear up easily because of the attached pockets or something.
    Does anyone know how long I would have to exchange it?
  2. where did he get it?

    I'd return it if you truly won't use it. . . only if he won't truly be crushed about it though.
    SO sweet of him to try!
  3. I know, I am afraid he will...... but I just hate it. I would have thought that I would like anything in Chanel ok, & you can never have too much black. He got it at Neiman's in the Galleria (Houston). Tags still attached & gift reciept.
  4. What a great hubby ....
    If it's not really what you want I would probaly return it.
  5. I typically would but it's coming from a significant other I think twice about it. It's best if you talk to him. Maybe you BOTH could exchange it together and ask for his opinions while making a decision on another bag. That usually works for me.

    That's so sweet of him to try.
  6. ^^Yes, if I exchanged it for something else I would bring him along. Tell him while you love the look of the lambskin, you wouldn't be able to use it for daily use?
  7. He has asked me why I have not used it & I just said that I had not gone anywhere yet - I can't really say anything about the lambskin because I have gotten that before. I am thinking of saying I am afraid the pockets won't hold up to my abuse. I could get one of those big reissues for the same price and I LOVE those.

  8. So you think he would notice the difference in leather if you exchanged it..
    Or just be like this purse is so soft and the leather is so BEAUTIFUL and you are scared to carry it to mess it up.. Then say you wll only carry it once or twice and its not worth the $'s to carry once or twice and be like lets get one I can carry everyday and show everyone what a wonderful hubby I go. And everythime I look at the pure I think of you. Everyone knows a womans purse is her life and best friend..lol
  9. Yes, maybe I can say that the lambskin would not hold up as well on a soft sided as well as a structured bag.
    I can't just go in though as purchase store is over 700 miles & nearest is over 400 miles, so I will have to travel or send it back.
    I have been looking at classic & reissue sizes but I cannot find anything on here on available colors. Does anyone know what the color choices are on classics & reissues this year? I guess I can exchange it at any Neiman's but don't know what to ask for. It is hard to tell what those metallics look like as each photo looks different. Is there a gold & a bronze??
  10. TxSage, i saw the bag you received in neiman's in boca over the holidays. i had not seen it mentioned on the forum before. i thought it was a little too "busy" with the 2 outside pockets with small quilting. am sure your husband would rather you exchange and be happy rather than feel uncomfortable with the bag.
  11. I was faced with a similar dilemma as my S/O gave me my Xmas present early -- the Classic in black caviar -- in the Jumbo size which he selected because it would hold more, but which I decided (after 2 days of dithering) was a bit large as a day-in-day-out bag for my petite frame. So, I took the approach addisonshopper has suggested to you... I told him again how bowled over I was by his thoughtful attentiveness, but that I anticipated not carrying the Jumbo size as much as the next size-down, and because his gift gave me such pleasure, I wanted to carry it with happy pride as often as possible; so would he mind if I exchanged it? He smilingly replied "of course not, it's your purse not mine."

    So I too encourage you to broach the topic with your husband; I imagine his feelings will be less hurt by an exchange than by seeing the bag sit in your closet.
  12. I would be honest but gentle. I think he might know you're hiding that you don't like it if you try to make excuses. You should exchange it though if you really don't like it.
  13. Exchange if you don't like it. It is better than you won't carry it.
  14. I called around today, but I did not get very many Chanel depts. to answer.
    And there was very limited merchandise available in jumbo classic flap or large or jumbo classic flap reissue, those are the ones I like. I also liked that diamond stitch flap that I saw on here somewhere with the large CC logo. But I think it is older, they said there was another one but with smaller logo.
    It is frustrating when you cannot go look!

    Anyway I found out it is from this last Cruise collection & sold pretty well, I guess a lot of people do like it. They said it was popular because those pockets detach & you can put them on a belt or something. But still not what I would choose. This is what is strange. I spoke with the S/A that sold it to him - she knew who I was so I bet she picked it out. It was about $2500. & I am sure I could get something I like better for that.

    They said wait a week or two & the spring line will be in so more choices. I better look at everything on here so I can pick one before they are all gone.
  15. TxSage, I think you can just be honest to your husband and tell him what you think and just exchange it for something you like. It really depends on how you present yourself. Seriously, being honest about your feeling to your significant other is like one important element in the relationship and I truly think your DH will totally understand (men are normally not experts in the handbag department, he probably knows that too and that's really ok at least he tried).