would you just send money if there is no

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  1. response from a seller?

    I won a nice coat in an auction last week - at the opening bid :smile:

    I am waiting for the seller to tell me international shipping fees but so far no response (i am not lucky with sellers at the moment....). do I just send payment and add on top of national shipping fees in the hope he will send the coat?

    what if he doesnt? i have already filed two claims in the past 6 months, so only have 1 left, I think???

    should I wait or just send the money?
  2. i should add that he just today received 4 negs from the same buyer - items not in the perfect condition....
  3. I would wait. I wouldn't send money to anyone who is non responsive. Unless you're paying by credit card and you can do a chargeback if the transaction doesn't go through.
  4. Definitely wait, then! You don't know if it was a picky buyer or a scamming seller yet.
  5. I second that! Better to be safe than sorry (or go through the trouble of a dipute/claim/charge back):winkiss:

  6. I would definitely wait. :yes:

    He/she may be annoyed that the coat went for the opening bid and they may not ship the item if you pay.

    If that happens you'll have to go through a dispute to get your money back.
  7. I would certainly wait, it may be a good thing!
    You got me thinking, I know there used to be a limit to how many claims per year you could file with paypal.
    Anyhow I looked into it and apparently now there is no limit you can file one claim per paypal transaction.
  8. I agree with everyone else, it's best to wait until the seller replies back. I have been in this same situation with sellers not sending me an invoice stating what the international shipping would cost, so i just sent them a message saying i would pay when i received their reply or invoice. That will certainly push them into getting back to you.
  9. I am inclined to agree with chloe-handbags - he is annoyed about the opening bid it went for and now will not want me to pay. if i was UK I may have paid regardless bec he states the shipping cost. thing is that the amount is below the claim radar anyway - i asked for the total but no response so far....

    anyways, enough of my eBay drama ....
  10. after sending the millionth email, and this time it was rather assertive if not harsh, and finally the seller got back - also saying she is on holiday (as my other seller...??) and said to hold off until she is back to tell me the postage cost.

    how is it that people list and then don't even bother to mention in the listing that they will be away? no wonder the girl has 4 negs by now.... (again just after i bought...)