Would you jump on this offer?

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  1. $250 Coach GC for $200 cash?

    ** NO I am not offering... Just wondering.

  2. It depends on who it came from. It's worth it if it's someone I know that needs the cash...it would be a win-win because for me I buy a ton of Coach, and for them, they need the cash...although they take a slight hit. If it's on Ebay, then I know some of those have been scams, so I would consider that very carefully.
  3. I agree, depends on the source.
  4. I would be leery. Check their feedback very carefully; I'd hate for you to be scammed. Is it a gift CARD or an actual certificate?
  5. It's a gift card... not on eBay at all.
  6. If it was a source I could trust, absolutely.
  7. I agree, if it was from someone you trust, definitely (though I'm confused about why someone would want to take a loss).
  8. Yep, I would!
  9. If I were buying Coach and I knew the source I would.. I have sold a few gift cards in the past when I needed the money more than the bag.. I took a hit but I got the cash I needed and the buyer got the bag at a discount.. win/win. :tup:
  10. Yes if you can use it.
  11. I see. I would call on the card number to make sure it was funded; if you can use it, why not?
  12. I have actually pondered doing this lately and I may still. There are some items I have in my collection that I could live without but were purchased with store credit so I cant return for cash. If I took them all back to the store, got another store credit all put on one card I could sell it, take a slight hit but still have cash for something else.
    Maybe that is what your source is doing?
  13. Yes, ITA, if it is credible!
  14. i don't know...i don't see how spending 200 to get 50 more is worth it..
  15. If you can use it and it's a trusted source, totally do it, but only if you would spent the bucks at Coach anyway. Would be especially cool if you were going to buy something with PCE -you'd get the discounted gift card and then get the 25% PCE - would be a nice savings on something!