Would you invite a real life friend to the forum?

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  1. One of my girlfriends mentioned her love of handbags. Mostly D&B and Coach.

    I thought about inviting her to the forum but thought she would read my posts and think that I am crazy. A little over the top. :yes: I mean, not many would understand our passion for handbags. And to pay over $500 for a bag is just ridiculous to some people.

    She would probably think my modeling a handbag in the visual aids is hilarous. :yes: But, to us this is all perfectly normal behavior. :P

    I think that I will just keep this as my own little world for now.........:love:
  2. And now that you posted about your "dilemma" you can't invite her, haha. :P
  3. Sometimes its best to have your own private things that you and only you can enjoy. I totally understand your reasoning.
  4. i probably wouldn't..i do have LV fanatics as friends..but none of them were invited...
  5. :yes: That is why this forum is my secret. :P
  6. Yup. TOTALLY Agree. Out of my select friends, only one knows that I like LV... if only everyone really knew how much I love and know about LV... :sneaky:
  7. i agree keep it a secret. my friends would freak out if they knew i model my man bag in the mirror to post on a blog :roflmfao:
  8. I would if I had friends who are as interested in LV/bags as I am.
  9. I haven't told any of my family or friends about tpf because like you all said I want to keep some things to myself. Like how much I spend on my bags and how obsessed I am with lv. If my mom and sister knew just how much my bags cost, they would freak out.

  10. LOL I feel the SAME WAY!!!:shame:
  11. i only would if they were as interested in handbags as i was, and wouldn't judge me for my craziness here. for a couple of my friends, i honestly think it would change the dynamics of our relationships if they knew the extent of my obsession with bags.
  12. Sometimes its nice to have your own space away from real life friends.
    I they found the forum on their own it would be ok with me, Otherwise I might keep it to myself.
  13. Nope.;)
  14. So, what if your friend is also keeping tPF as a secret from you, and s/he's asking if you're on the forum also, what would you say?
  15. I feel the same way! I belong to a few forums/communities online and I've never invited anyone I know IRL to join.