Would You Hire A Matchmaker ?

  1. My father in law (bless his soul he is 84) recently registered with e harmony.com.An on line dating service.

    If you are not dating anyone, or not married would you ever consider hiring a matchmaker ?

    Has it worked for anybody you know ?

    Whats your opinion on these kind of services ? :love:
  2. Maybe if I was 84.....but I dont know, if your young and "normal" it feels desperate to me. Please dont be offended if anyone uses these services. Its just my opinion.

  3. Hm, not sure. I would like to think I could find someone on my own but never say never!!!:amuse: My friends have tried online dating and I know one right now who is on a date w/ a guy who she met online as we speak!! My other two friends married their guys they met online and now have beautiful families! I guess it can work for some. I like the fact that people remain optimistic in their love life. I think that's what gives them their spark!
  4. i don't think i ever would.. but then again.. who knows..
  5. Sometimes I think it'd be better than going through duds! It's like going shopping with a personal shopper instead of filtering stuff willy-nilly....

    But I wouldn't shop with a personal shopper... So maybe no matchmaker? lol
  6. If you're having trouble meeting somebody, then it would be a good idea if you're comfortable with that. Personally, I don't think I'd ever use one, though.
  7. An 84 year old man is a hot commodity! Last night I had dinner in the dining room of my mother's retirement center, and given the numbers of single women there, I'm quite sure an 84 year old man in decent shape could break a lot of hearts.
  8. my moms friend met her fiance on match.com
  9. i'd give it a shot if doing things the conventional way wasn't working out.
  10. That is just the cutest thing I have heard in a long time. Best of luck to him! :love:
  11. I met my husband online...and I certainly wasn't trying to, so its a little different than a matchmaking site. But I'm all for it! Especially at that age when its a little tougher to go out and meet people, right?
  12. He sounds like a sweetie, bless him!

    I met my husband online and we couldn't be more compatible or happier. Far from being desperate, it's a way to meet people you never otherwise would have access to. Also in our older age group and after divorce it's different. You're not running with a crowd or going to bars. Hopefully. I had zero interest in that.

    You may have been at the same job for years and so have no opportunity to meet new people. If you're not a "joiner" and don't have family where else would you meet people? So- yes it does work. And it's pretty easy to weed out the jerks. I (we) happened to get lucky.
  13. I'd be too nervous to try a match maker or online dating. You always hear bad stories. I think if it's meant to be, you'll find the person. I also don't feel comfortble with the idea of paying someone to find someone who'll spend time with me. To me that seems insulting we have 30 million people in my country. I'd hope some guy would be interested. hehe
  14. I agree! Not for me (because I'm taken) but I would give it a try if all else failed. Sometimes it is hard to meet people (except for the ones your friends introduce you to or your family sets you up with). Aside from work and the gym, where else?? Meeting someone from online isn't really any different from meeting someone on the street corner or at the coffee shop. I mean, we hear about bad stuff (murder, rapes, etc) all the time about online-dating-encounters-gone-wrong. But I think that's all blown out of proportion: if he/she is going to hurt you on the first date, he/she's going to do it regardless of how you met!

    Just my two cents, and best of luck to dad-in-law! ;)
  15. I don't need to hire a matchmaker... I HAVE MY MOM!!! (for those who don't know Asian mothers can be a bit *obsessed* with finding her little girl the perfect man -- perfect by her standards of course ;))