Would you help suggest some purses for me?


Dec 19, 2015
Hi Purse Forum members,

I wanted to ask for your suggestions for an every day carry purse for me, probably year round. I could maybe get more than one bag but right just now one is a good start!

My budget is about $200 max, and I'm OK buying secondhand.

My favorite purse was this Fossil, it was fun! It was a bit of a black hole, but I loved it.

I loved this bag, I loved the shininess of it and I loved the funky parts and it was a nice size and comfortable. It is ripping on the sides and that's why I don't use it anymore. I just take my keys!

I have no idea what's out there in the stores and I would love some suggestions. Ideally I'd like a leather bag or a bag that is very durable and can take a lot of use and some abuse. Pre-Owned stuff is fine. Someone suggested Longchamp -- I am not very familiar with their range of styles although I have seen the main bag design.
I am kind of interested in the Madewell tote? Maybe a small one? I have a strong preference for shoulder bags that are comfy. I also like Hobo International and almost bought one of their bags but did not commit.

My style is very casual, I wear very basic jeans and tops, and I spend a lot of time in athletic clothes, and I'd love a purse with a little pop of style.

An interior pocket(s) is very good, a cell phone pocket is very good.

Hope I'm in the right part of the forum. Thank you so much! I appreciate it!