Would you help me pick a hobo? I am a Newbie..


May 24, 2011
I am fairly new to D&B and I tend to carry larger bags (large size Coach Phoebe (for reference) /totes but I would like a smaller hobo bag. I have been perusing the threads and really like the Toledo Hobo-older style but then I saw the Twist Strap Hobo in the Florentine leather..is that a smaller bag too? I saw that is on sale at I Love Dooney.

Or do you have any other recommendations?



Jan 1, 2014
Hi MKB, welcome to Dooney! You came to the right place. I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions here. The first bag that comes to mind when I think of a Dooney hobo is the infamous Logo Lock hobo from QVC. It comes in lots of colors and it's a large hobo. It's great for all weather and it comes with some accessories if you get it new. If you pick one up "as is" you risk not getting the accessories but you can call and ask ft an additional discount. Here are some links.


Here is another great hobo that's exclusive to QVC, but this Sophie silhouette is also available in Dooney.com, ilovedooney I think, and the outlets, but without the color block black trim.


If you search "as is Dooney & Bourke" on QVC you often will see these pop up there for around $100 less and sometimes also on easy pay.
These are two great large hobos that are great for any kind of weather.
Good luck!
Aug 13, 2014
MKB: welcome. The twist strap hobo in Florentine leather is a beautiful handbag. I would call it a large handbag, but it's not oversized. I think it's smaller than some of the newer Dooney hobos offered on QVC. Dooney also has smaller hobos which are more structured. Check out the pebbled leather collection on the Dooney site to see some of the styles.