Would you help me find these, please?

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  1. #1 Sep 24, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2010
    Hi Ladies,

    I know this is an "Id these" thread so forgive me if I posted in the wrong place.... let me know if I should contact a mod and have my post re located

    I am trying to find a pair of Guess Shoes my daughter has her heart set on for her school formal (prom in USA terms) and Im having a hard time trying to find resouces in the USA and I know you ladies might know an online shop that I could purchase these from.

    I found them at zappos but they only have small sizes and do not post international from what I can work out, but I have a photo the style is "GUESS NOON" and she needs a size 10. Ive tried the guess site which only redirects me to the ozzie site so I cannot access the USA stores ..I have rang guess head office in oz but since our seasons are behind they have yet to even order them

    Please if you know of a store that may have these can you pm me if it is not appropriate to post here (and please no I am not soliciting a purchase from TPF, I am only trying to find a store to purchase)

    Thank You I appreciate your time and help very much


    http://www.zappos.com/guess-noon (this is the particular shoe & again hope its ok to post this link here )
  2. I'd say your best bet is eBay. If you find them on the US eBay site, you could always ask the seller if they will ship to you. If they agree, just make sure they modify their shipping location or else you cannot bid (I found this out last minute and missed out on some CLs!) :Push:

    I'll keep an eye out for you as well. Good luck!
  3. I found the US amazon site has them. Maybe you can buy through there?
  4. Thank You Both Very Much...both have them but in small sizes lol, Ill keep my eye out I have a couple of weeks with allowing for international post.

    Fingers Crossed

    Again Thank You

  5. Just a quick update, she opted for a pair of Michael Kors Jennings heels which I purchased from the site they are on sale which was a bonus so Shoe crisis over lol Thank You again