would you have done or said anything if this happened in front of your eyes?

  1. I was at Holt Renfrew today, and saw these two unbelievable chinese ladies.

    They first caught my attention in the coat section. I was several racks away but heard this really rude voice telling someone to shut up and that her opinion did not matter. I turned to look, and saw this elderly chinese lady standing next to two middle aged women. I am not really sure what their relationship were, but these two middle aged women were unbelievable. After that incident, I met them again at the stairs. They were ahead of me and my DF and I were behind them. The elderly women obviously had trouble walking up the stairs, I couldn't really get up to help her as the other two women were kinda in the way. They were telling her to hurry the hell up and that she was hold up everyone. I gave her a disgusted look and waited patiently for the old lady to walk up. I am still thinking about this incident as it's left me very saddened and angry. I wish i had gone up and said something to them. But what could I have said? and even if I did say or had done something, what would that have changed? What would you have done?
  2. I don't know if I personally would have said something....I could only assume their relationship, and from the sound of it, sounds like the 2 were pretty hostile (reason unknown). It's sad to witness things like this, but it's a good lesson to teach your kids on how NOT to treat the elderly. Poor thing!
  3. I would hate to be the lady taking the brunt of those comments.

    Personally I would not say anything.
    It's none of my business.

    The lady those comments were directed to should stick up for herself.
  4. I probably would have done just what you did. I get tongue-tied when I am upset or angry, and would not have been able to come up with something appropriately stinging to convey my disgust.
  5. Ditto, but I hope I'd been able to grow a pair long enough to tell them how evil they were...
  6. I too would have felt terrible but what can you do. Not only is it not a way to treat the elderly but not a way to treat people in general.
  7. There's this place I like to take my granma to -it's a good walk from her home which is good for her, and then she gets a nice cup of chocolate as a reward LOL Anyhow, a lot of people take their elderly there as well and I see so much hostile behavior, it's crazy.

    That being said, maybe these women were family and that kind of thing is normal to them. Many have a lot of resentment over the way their parents treated them as kids and "repay" them when they're old. Personally, I think it's horrible but what can you do?
  8. Wow I definitely would have said something.

    I have actually had incidences with two people who got a major earful for disrespecting my Grandmother. A nasty little SA in the shoe department of Belk in South Park who completely and intentionally ignored my 92 year old grandmother in a wheel chair to deal with his younger customers (and said he'd "deal" with her later :mad:). I told him and his manager that this wasn't the first time the little twit had been a jerk. Second time was in a grocery store; some stupid bag boy decided when my Grandmother asked to have her cards put in a separate bag he'd roll his eyes at her. Not when I'm around buddy.

    I could never understand being cruel or so disrespectful to someone who has so many more years of experience with life on you, or someone that raised you!

    How could you not fear getting old when you personally treat the elderly in such a terrible manner?
  9. I definitely wouldve said something.
  10. See, Im sooo torn. I have the biggest :heart: for the elderly..I deff. wouldhave WANTED to say something. But, not knowing the situation I would have kept my mouth shut but would have been generous with the nasty looks...and possibly a loud "How rude" or "they are outa line" directed towards the person who is with me(if there is one). I would have waited until THEY said something directly towards me about my loud comments..then it would have been ON:bagslap:
  11. I think (well, know) that I would have had to say something too, if I were out of the hearing of the elderly ladies. A quick, stern glance, with an "Out of Line" comment to the rude ones, would have come out my mouth. Of course, "outside the hearing" of the elderly ladies may not have been possible, so a look that pierced to their soul would have maybe done the trick.
  12. If I was out with my 91 year old grandmother and someone disrespected HER you bet I'd rip out their spine and show it to them.

    But when it's others I don't say anything. I'll likely turn my head and shoot them a shocked/dirty look. If it was someone being physically threatened or majorly disruptive I'd call store security.
  13. hm, this is difficult. if this is my family someone is rude to - wow, they have another thing coming.

    but in this case it sounds like the two ladies were there with the old lady, right? i find it difficult to get involved bec there could be so many reasons why they are like this. one is of course that they are abusive for no reason. but for the sake of devil's advocate: assume the now elderly once took out their power on the back then small child?

    I think I would have gone with a really shocked look at them and possibly a comment to myself or the person I am with. but I look the same when someone is incredibly rude to their child - and find it difficult to get involved there. and I see a similarity bec both are a rather helpless and depending charge at your hands.
  14. I have a huge issue with people disrespecting their elders that said....I'm playing devil's advocate.....you have never met my MIL. lol.

    She is almost 80 years old and she screams, yells, threatens and insults me all the time. Accuses me of ridiculous things and throws tantrums atleast 2 or 3x each time she visits.

    Some of it is age, but she has always been a very narcissistic person. Although I have never called her names out of respect for my dh, I can easily see a situation where we've been out and I get "short" and frustrated with her after enduring her nastiness all day long.
  15. what adds to my shock is the fact that they can be so nasty to her in such a public place. anyhow, i feel bad for the elderly woman, i hope she is okay.