Would you hang a silver mirrored heart off a bag with gold hardware?

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  1. I love the silver heart and found one at a local LV store. I really want to buy it but I normally carry a speedy which has gold hardware. I don't think it would look great. What do you all think? What else could I do with it?
  2. Well, why not? Maybe if you have all gold people will not recognize the heart as its the same color as the bag. But I don't know, maybe someone in TPF has them and can show a picture
  3. I would...I love the silver heart and think it would look great. :smile:
  4. The anal retentive part of me says no because I like to match metals...the artist in me says go for it because style is individual.

    Try it and see...you never know - you may like it!
  5. I would go for it, I am not a fan of having everything matchy-matchy
  6. I am a stickler for matching so no I wouldn't put silver with gold hardware.
  7. I wouldn't. I like my hardware to match!
  8. sorry l could not, far to anal....but if l see it on others it does not bother me :smile:
  9. I would - as long as it's a bag that hasn't got too much hardware - if it was like....hmm...fx the Manhattan I probably wouldn't b/c the hardware is so significant on that one. The speedy doesn't have a lot of hardware IMO.
    Go for it if you like it :tup:
  10. I agree with Alfie, I wouldn't do it but it wouldn't bother me on someone elses bag.
  11. No, I would not.
  12. I have a blue groom keychain (gold hardware) and pretty much since the keychain came out and I bought it I've refused to hang it on my Damier Geant Cougar as it has all silver hardware. About 2 weeks ago I said f*ck it and put it on there anyway and you know what? It looks cute! So don't fret! Do what you want!
  13. why not?
  14. go for it! it'll make more of a statement!

    show us pics if you decide to purchase it ;)
  15. I would not. Go for the gold heart--I did!