Would you guys 'kill' me if....

  1. bought a thompson street and took the handle off? I want to use it as a pouch. :wtf:

    What do you think, am I crazy...wait, don't answer that...:shame:

    Is it crazy to do that?
  2. Gasp...speechles.

    Just kidding!

    I say do it and post pix just so we can see what it looks like....and figure something out for the strap!

  3. Go for it!!!
  4. don't tell anyone, but i have altered some of my LVs to suit me....:push:
    i have a shoe maker i go to and she and i tweak the items to my liking.
    i was considering posting pics, but thought some might get upset, so i've been keeping it a secret.....:sweatdrop: ;) i don't just do it with Lv either, but MJ and Fendi too....it's all been little things like pochettes and stuff, but still...:shame:
    i would not think you crazy at all.....:wlae:
  5. Do it I wanna buy the new Bag marc jacobs made the one with the little croc hl and rip it out off it's misery...
    I also bought a Tiffany & Co bracelet and took of the heart with some pliers...
  6. Oh, yeah....

    I had a shoemaker add extra holes to my framboise brentwood straps, too...but that was minor...this was so much bigger, I wasn't sure...knowing you've done it Michelle makes me feel much better!
  7. Honestly, I've been thinking about doing this to one of my bags...the strap is too long, and I'm a shorty.
  8. I say go for it!
  9. ok, you do it and post pics and then i'll be brave enough to show mine..
    mine are mostly tweaked the opposite way--i've added straps to the bags i've mentioned...:shame:
  10. Omg you guys! Please post pics of the cosmetic surgeries! I want to see!
  11. i wanna see i wanna see!
  12. I wanna see, too!
  13. Someone should start a TWEAKED LV thread...

    Not me tho - I've never done it. !!
  14. Tweaking... lol... I have pulled a chain off my Isabella Fiore tattoo zipped wallet.... am I messed up or what!!!???
  15. Go for it!