would you guys do this?? HELP!!!

  1. if there's a bag with 2 different patterns...one of them is a monogram and one of them is a mini monogram...

    you already have the monogram one..but u're afraid that it will patina over time and the bottom is all vachetta...

    there's a used mini monogram one but is VERY new...and is about $100-150 less..

    would you buy the mini monogram one and switch out the monogram one?

    i need help thanks! :hrmm:
  2. That's a hard question...just depends on what you really like. I don't care for the mini too much and I really try not worry about the vachetta too much, just accept marks ar going to happen....

    so for me no....but if you like the mini, then it would probably be more practical.
  3. Mmm firstly I'll not buy a bag if I'm afraid to use:shame: Do you like the mini monogram one ? If you do go for it!;) What bag is this BTW ? Petit Noe?
  4. i like the mini too....it's just that there are a couple of people who has been saying that im stupid to exchange a new bag for an old one