Would you guys believe me if....

  1. I told you that I don't need another LV?

    My ultimate :heart: , the manhattan gm is on her way home and ... and ... and ... she completes me. :yahoo:

    I'll prolly feel different next week after I get her but right now, there's nothing more that I want.

    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. well I have two lvs and i just got a new speedy so Im probably going to use this one for a while before getting a new bag!!
  3. That's how I feel when something is on it's way to me... then 2 weeks later, I want another one! :shame:

    Congrats on the Manhattan! It's on my wishlist this year :love: Please model it for us when you get it!
  4. Sometimes in between seasons I feel like that so I start to drift into other designers. For the most part my LV want list is pretty long and it takes a while to get all the pieces. But after I get them and there's a period of time when there aren't any new bags out, I feel like there's nothing else I want.

    Congrats on the Manhattan.
  5. I feel very content with my collection right now. I'd like to add a cles and one bag over the next year.
  6. I don't know how many times I told my DH "this is the last one, I promise..I don't need anymore..." only to see a new style that I NEED!. TPF has made it worse because now I feel the NEED to add Epi, Vernis and Damier to my collection. I never woulda thought I needed an orange purse!!!! LOL

    I really hope your new bag completes you for a long time!!! :smile: (fingers crossed for you)
  7. OOh congrats Nancypants! The Manhattan GM is big, big, BIG on my wish list this year. Let me know how you like it. That's a beautiful bag. But no matter how wonderful a bag is, there's always a new beauty around the corner.

  8. I do the same thing!!! I tell my DH that my new LV purchase will be my b-day, anniversary, & X-Mas gift but then a month later, I've bought something else at LV! It's a terrible but fun addiction to have!!!!
  9. OMG.. hahaahahah i just realized.. i've been wanting a epi speedy.


    i broke my little "i don't need lv" already.. in about 40 min.
  10. I know the feeling. I have a panda pouchette coming and I was thinking about adding a damier speedy 30 or damier pap 26 because I have gift card money that I could use to put toward a purse. I could use the money to buy an extender and still have some left over or add more money and buy a speedy. My DH says it is OK because it is a better use for the money than clothes or makeup that will not last and he does not see paying 110 for a key ring. But, I am having an "Oh my God, I have spent so much money on LV, do I need another purse?" dilemma right now. I am sure I will get over it once I try on the speedy or pap 26 in damier.
  11. Same here..nothing really appeals to me from these new collections other than that heart coin purse. Otherwise, eh.
    I'll take that opportunity to add to my discontinued collection :yes:
  12. Do you think I need all the bags I have, no..I don't, if you think about it, how many black or brown bags does anyone needs? maybe just one of each, however we have more than that or shoes...OMG how many shoes do I need, I am sure not 46 pairs. I realized long time ago that If you buy based on what we need then we no longer be girls, we be guys:roflmfao: at lease the majority of guys I know shop for what they need instead what they want.

    I don't need most of the bags I have but I want them, however so far I am very content with them and there is not a new lemming yet for new bag I want (don't need).:yes:

  13. I am quite content with my collection at this time. I cannot think of any bag that I have to have. I doubt if I purchse any new bags within the next six months to a year. I love the mandarin color, and I have purchased those bags, and I have my mono speedy 30.
  14. i will never, ever feel that way. lol.
  15. Congrats on the Manhattan on it's way to you - what a lovely bag!