Would you go to Hawaii by yourself?

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  1. I was planning to go with my best friend, but she has pretty much bailed. Would you go by yourself? It's a trip to celebrate my birthday.
  2. I've never travelled anywhere solo, I don't think I ever will because I'm the type who must have company! Is there anybody else who can travel with you?
  3. I've asked a few people but with it being in about a month no one can really take time off to go. I travel for work a lot and would love to have someone with me. But I would also really love to go.
  4. That's true... I think a month notice is a bit short too! But if u don't mind then I will consider it as time off with yourself and you can do everything and anything you like without any compromising! =)
  5. I have traveled most of Europe by myself.

    In some ways it's preferable to going with someone else. You're on your own schedule. No snoring. And you can do day trips, which are a great opportunity to meet new people.

    I had a fabulous time in Amsterdam once hanging out with some South Americans at a latin eatery/bar. We became pals on a day trip to Antwerp/Brussells.
  6. I am 20 and my first solo trip was last year when I was 18. I went to Paris, Florence, Milan, and Rome. It was magical!! I didn't have anyone to go with me so I wasnt going to wait around. I am going back in November to Paris and Florence alone. i cant wait.
  7. I travel alone often and I love it. I'd definitely go to Hawaii by myself! :smile:
  8. There are Travel MeetUp Groups in all major cities. You don't have to live in that city to belong/attend a MeetUp. My daughter lives in Detroit but belongs to Chicago and Toronto. These guys are avid travelers. You might find someone in a MeetUp group. Good luck. It would be more fun with someone. I am in the travel business and Hawaii would be more fun sharing it with someone because it is a destination that people go to with someone. Feel free to shoot me questions. Maui is my #1 recommendation.
  9. I decided to go. Any tips or recommendations anyone can give would be appreciative!
  10. Good.. enjoy yourself...& let us know if you enjoyed traveling on your own
  11. I was just going to recommend this!

    Lovebug - have a great time!
  12. I have and enjoyed it! I was a little scared at first and felt like a loser for going alone but DH at the time had to work and no one else could take the time off. I got a really good deal on the airfare and hotel so I couldn't pass it up and had the vacation coming to me.

    I really had a great time! I even went on one of those dinner cruises and hung out with other couples on the boat when they realized I was there alone. They were really nice. The only thing was I couldn't drink as much since I had to drive myself. I also did a day-tour of the island. Part of it was snorkeling at a private beach and the tour guide/driver made sure I went with someone before going out in the water in case I got in trouble. I also rented a bike and just rode around town. At night I'd walk to downtown, drink and hang out while listening to music, and then walk around.

    The rest of the time I just laid on the beach or by the pool and soaked up as much sun as I could. It was a blast!

    Enjoy yourself!
  13. I have gone to Hawaii by myself (Oahu) and it was great. Honolulu is a fun city to explore. Plan an itinerary for yourself, so that you have plans for each day you are there, whether it is visiting a historic site, hiking, or going for walks on different beaches. Also, look up what is going on the island during the days of your trip. If there is an athletic event, or arts/food festival going on and that is up your alley, then go for it! You can always decide to change your plans if something else interesting comes along, but I find that having an itinerary planned with fun stuff to do makes me excited to start my day and discover new things about a place. Enjoy your trip! I'm so glad you decided to go.
  14. I've done some traveling by myself as well. I went solo to London (twice), Dublin and Paris.

    I'd rely on the concierge at the hotel. Tell them that you're traveling alone and that you'd like to get information about tour groups that you can join. That's how I did most of my sightseeing. That way I felt like someone was always watching out for me yet I was still able to do what I wanted to do.
  15. Great ideas everyone! Thanks!