would you go for the limited edition bag?

  1. I was just wandering, if you were a bag addict and let’s say addicted to some brand LV for example, would you go for the limited edition bag just because it was a collectors item, even if it was not your style at all?
  2. No, I would never fall for the marketing of it being a Ltd Edition if I wouldn't carry it.

    But then again, I'm not a collector.
    I would never spend the kind of money they ask for LV Ltd Editions if I wouldn't ever carry the bag.
  3. NO. Even though a lot of my LV bags are limited editions, I try and pick something I would wear/what suits me. I am not about to drop an insane amount of $$$ on a bag that I am not going to use. I have turned down several LE bags offered to me by my SA because they didn't suit my style at all.
  4. I agree with Irene and Swanky - there is no way I am spending money (no matter the amount) on something that I am simply not going to wear. When I returned my silk perfo scarf my SA tried to get me to buy a ceries (sp?) one and I couldnt do it. I knew it was not something that I would get any use out of.
  5. No, I would not buy a bag unless I loved it.
  6. No. I buy what I like and I'm happy with that.
  7. No. If I love it and can afford it, I get it.
  8. I was going to say the same thing as well. "Limited Edition" is simply a marketing gimmick - nothing more, nothing less.

    I only buy a bag if I like the way it looks and it meets the practicality and quality criteria that I look for.

    I would never buy a bag just because it is a "Limited Edition".
    I think some Limited Edition bags are quite ugly as well.
  9. never! i gotta love my bag.
  10. I get bags that I know make me happy. Whether it was a non designer bag or a limited edition LV. I dont think it really matters.
  11. Buy what you love is my motto.

  12. :yes: I totally agree. To me, there is no point in spending heaps on a bag I won't use. I would rather spend it on a bag that I will love and use.
  13. Definitely not. I would echo the same sentiments as some of the other posts - way too much money to be spending on something that I hated or would not use.
  14. I've fallen for buying something that is limited even though I didn't really like it. I felt really guilty about the purchase and ended up returning it. I would never do that again. If I love the bag, I'll get it.
  15. I only buy bags that I like, I don't care if they are popular or limited.:supacool: