would you go for a white Priscilla or a black one?

  1. I like white alot. but unfortunately, i am not a clean+ tidy kind of person :crybaby: ... so should i go for the black one?

    on btw, how do you guys take care of the white multicolors:sad:

    thank you so much for any comments
  2. I would get white, just because it would be to replace my white mc speedy.

    there are only certain bags that I like the black Multicolor and this isnt one of them.

    But its what you like best, if you're close to an LV store why not go and try both on?
  3. Go for the white... its so feminine n sweet :cutesy: I hv the Priscilla in white and used it for ard 5 times, so far so gd.. no stress in using.. also I hv the wapity in white,bot it last Jul and its as gd as new... not much care needed, except dont put ur bag on dirty surfaces..
  4. I would get black... it sounds out more IMHO.
  5. Go for the black!
  6. thanks :smile: , i went to the store, and tried both on, the white one obviously looked better, sighs*.... i guess i will go for the white one :push:
  7. ooh, i can't wait to see pics! plus, white is perfect for the summer! just be careful with your bag, and i am sure everythign will be fine :smile:
  8. Get the white, its so cute and feminine:smile:
  9. I never like the black MC...dunno why..always prefer the white one ;)
  10. i prefer the white one.
  11. White!!!
  12. WHITE!! It's such a feminine bag, everytime I go into LV my mom and I fawn over that bag! It's her favorite!
  13. I always see women carry in white here :smile: and I think I like the white one
  14. I like the white one!
  15. I really prefer the white to the black. It is softer and more feminine. Good luck and please post photos!