Would you give up the MP for the Blake??

  1. So I have a quilted multi-pocket in petrol and I've been thinking that I should have gotten a quilted Blake instead. I've had the bag for a short while but I'm not using it as much as I thought I would. The Blake now seems like a bag I would use more. What do you guys think? Would you take the Blake over the MP? :hrmm:
  2. tough question. the petrol is such a gorgeous color, but i think the blake is a more functional bag. the chain strap on the quilted mp would be uncomfortable for me. i think i would end up choosing the blake over the mp. were you thinking about selling the bag you have and buying the blake instead? if so, have you seen the bordeaux blake? it's tdf!
  3. In this case I would give up the quilted MP for the quilted Blake. Although the petrol color is gorgeous, the chain strap is uncomfortable on the shoulder. Now if you were talking about the soft calf MP and Blake I would keep the MP. :smile:
  4. The petrol color was one of the reasons I bought the MP in the first place. But I agree, the chain handle gets a little heavy after a while. I'm going to most likely sell the MP and get the quilted Blake since I can't afford both right now. But I love the quilted leather so I'd stay with that style. Now it's a matter of what color quilted Blake. I saw the bordeaux Blake and really looks great but I love the quilted leather!!
  5. Obviously I'm going to say go for the Blake!!! In any color it's TDF! :smile:
  6. DITTO

    Soft Calf MP (large preferred) > Blake > Quilted MP

    I agree the chain strap looks great but not for an every day bag. Too uncomfy.
  7. again with the bordeaux blake #@$$&^* !@

    im seriously dying over this bag. ha

    but i'd say go with the blake for sure - that style has grown on me a lot since i first discovered marc jacobs.
  8. Normally I would pick the mp over blake (unless the blake is in bordeaux). But because its the quilted mp I would go for the blake. The chain isn't my style.
  9. Now I just have to put my little MP baby up and find a quilted Blake. Thanks for your help girls!
  10. :yes: ITA!
  11. what melly said.