Would you give SA a Xmas present at the party?

  1. As I mentioned before that I was invited to the Private Sale Party... and it's Tomorrow:yahoo:I am so excited because I have never been one.
    I talked to my SA before when I last visited the boutique. She said that her birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas because my BF mentioned that he bought the bag for my early Bday which is 2 days after Christmas...

    So should I give her a gift? I have a set of perfume (Estee Lauder worths $35, is it ok?)
    or should be something that worth more? or I don't have to bring her anything? :girlsigh:)

    How about Godiva? Any idea would be appreciated. :biggrin:

    Help me out pls... It's TOMORROW! :woohoo:

    Thank you.
  2. I think a perfume set would be nice..
  3. I think that is a great idea!! Perfume is always a great gift! I think chocolate is so generic...nice, and always enjoyed, but not memorable kwim??
  4. Thanks... I hope she would like it. My bf said why you have to give her stuff because she is just a sale person...

    Oh well, but LV SA is special ! I said.
  5. I would give her the Godiva chocolates. Everybody loves chocolates!
  6. Don't bring her anything! You are a client of LV and I think, that to bring some gifts for the SA's looks a little like you "play up" to them. Me personally I would never bring some presents to my SA. I hope, that I can express what I mean...:sweatdrop:
  7. I think it depends on your relationship...I have develped a very close relationship with some of my SA's at various clothing boutiques that call me when things come in, we chat for ages when I come in, and my SIL and I have met up with some of them for drinks after work...so some or more than "just" sa's ...only you can decide what is approriate!:tup::tup:
  8. I gave one a crystal bowl as a wedding gift, I don't give b-day gifts but I give christmas & thank you choc's
  9. Afterall it's the thought that counts, your SA should be thankful regardless of what you give him/her. Great idea!
  10. Chocolates! Everyone loves chocolate....some people get bothered by scents and you don't know if she'll like the smell of EL. I give the whole store a box of truffles. I love the manager and several SA's.
  11. sure, I just gave my SA a Chanel perfume set. I think it's nice to give presents, especially when it's a special occasion.
    Oh, the other thing is that although some people may think that giving gifts is as if you're trying to bribe/sway/suck up to him/her, I personally think that it really depends on WHO is the gift-giver and WHAT IS THE INTENTION behind it. Most people can tell if it's simply a warm-hearted altruistic gift (or think they can) so whether or not the SA accepts the gift or she will be bribed totally depends in different cases.
  12. depends on how close you are w the SA. i would give her a bday card (to show that you still remember her). maybe later on, next year..
  13. I think it's a nice touch to remember someone's birthday, whether or not they are sales associates at LV.
  14. I agree with many of you here. I am afraid that other SAs would negatively think about me. So, the card would be a nice idea since I didn't know her that well. I just want to show her that I am appreciated her help when I was in the store or even talked on the phone with her.

    Thank you all for your suggestion.
  15. ~ Perfume might be too personal;)...again, depends on the type of relationship between you and your SA. I think flowers for B-day-BEST!!:flowers:~