Would you get your monogram with only 2 letters?

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  1. So, my next bag is going to be the Speedy 30 monogrammed. I think I have jumped ship from Caoch, atleast for the next purse. ANYWAY, I love the three initials BUT my daughters middle initial is different from mine but the first and the last are the same. So I was wondering if it would be weird to get just the first and last initial so that when I am done with it then I can pass it along to her. ( It should be a good 20 years until she gets married and then I'd get it back...hehe) I'd appreciate your thoughts ladies:biggrin:
  2. I have only 2 letters so I don´t have any other option. :biggrin:
  3. I dont have a middle name either, so I think 2 letters are fine. Maybe they can make them bigger to fill the space nicer?

    When I was in high school I had to log on to the computer with your 3 initials, since I had no middle name they gave me an X :P
  4. I would also use 2 initials if I were to get a mon mono bag.
  5. I am planning on getting only two letters when I get mine.
  6. How sweet that you want to do that to pass the purse along to your daughter!!

    I think 2 initials look great, although I would use a purse with my Mum's initials even though they are not my initials just because the bag used to be my Mum's. It would be special and sentimental KWIM?

    Either way, I think your mon mono will be fab!! Can't wait for your reveal!!
  7. ^ I agree. I would definitely use it if it had my mums initials and since it was her it makes it so much more meaningful. :P
    You're so sweet for thinking about doing this for your daughter :hugs:
  8. Definitely. I don't have any mon mono yet but my keepall luggage tag only has two letters.
  9. I think it would be just fine~its yours & you can do whatever you wish! I bet your daughter is excited too!
  10. Mine is 2 letters and a dot. Sometimes the letters can look smooshed together without the dot when there are only 2, but that also depends on the particular letters, colors, and which stripe you choose.
  11. I honestly like the two better than three. If I was going to get a Mon Mono I think I would really prefer to go for one letter, my first name initial, but I think it's not allowed?! Don't understand why!
  12. Mine only has two initials and I think it looks good.
  13. I am another of those with no middle name, so i would no have a problem with only 2 initials!
  14. Yay!!!! It's so funny the pics in the avatars from the replies have the same first initial as mine so I got a really good idea of how much I would loooooooooove it!! Yep, I am sticking with the two initials and I'm super excited. I don't know what I am looking more forward to - the day I get mine or the day I get to pass it along to my daughter. Thanks for all the input, you guys rock (and I love, love, love your purses!:biggrin:)
  15. I have two middle names and I wouldn't use one over the other so I would only have two initials on a Mon Monogram.

    All my hot stamped pieces are with just two initials too, and I think it looks absolutely fine.

    Good luck with deciding on your Mon Mono design. :smile: