Would you get rid of a Hayden-Harnett Iznik yellow....

  1. Mercer Clutch to replace it with the Rebecca Minkoff MAM in yellow? That color is so pretty on the MAM, but I cannot justify two yellow bags. That, and I think I need to discipline myself and get rid of something if I want a new one. So which do you think is the better bag and why? Thanks!


    Can't find a pic of the Iznik yellow on line right now and don't have time to take one of mine right this second! It's more mustard-y than this one looks. (Haven't seen the MAM IRL.)
  2. Well....the clutch is 1/5 the size of the MAM! Depends if you think you need a smaller purse or a large one.
  3. For me, it may be more about the color....aw, shucks. Hard decision.
  4. I really like the look of the yellow MAM, but (HH sight unseen) I agree with Mockinglee: a clutch is very different from a bag, the mustard color is also a nice neutral. The yellows may be similar, but the bags are not.
  5. I don't usually carry a whole bunch of stuff, and if I need to on a particular day I just switch bags, so the size isn't too big of a deal for me. I wish I had modeling or real-life pics of the MAM. That might make the decision easier!
  6. Check out the RM subforum picture threads. There are some modeling pics of the MAMs over there.

    Regarding which one though, I agree. They are So different in size. The HH leather is also super soft. I am thinking the yellow might be the soft leather but I don't know if anyone has seen them IRL yet to know.
  7. I like the style of the RM better, but the color of the HH better :shrugs:
  8. I prefer the RM!
  9. I like the rebecca minkoff better :smile:

  10. I'd keep both!
  11. I vote for the RM! I've heard the leather on the RM yellow is particularly amazing. Plus, I like the style better.
  12. ARG! I'm thinking this myself, and my brain keeps yelling, "No! No! NO!" at me! :hysteric:
  13. Eh, sometimes you need a big splash of yellow, and other times, a little one will do. :yes: