would you get BOTH blue india AND acquamarine?

  1. do you think these colours are too close? i have just obtained a BI and the acquamarine arrived at the boutique here. SA said acquamarine (cobalt?) is a stronger BI. still. i noticed that when carried separately, people could hardly tell the difference between two very similar bags, in shape, size, let alone colours. and most of us do not carry our bags side by side no?
    would love to hear what you think... :yes: of whether you would get both the BI and acquamarine.
  2. I totally would. In different shapes of course.
  3. i have my BI in first. the acquamarine is in the city or work. should i explore twiggy perhaps... somehow i envisioned twiggy in something lighter...
  4. Even though they are different colors I think they are TOO close in color to get both. They could fill the same spot when you want to carry a blue handbag.

    I would get a different color if you really want two bags.
  5. If you only have 2 or are getting your second, I wouldn't get 2 blues, even though I think they are very different in real. In pics they look similar but I don't think they look much alike. I think aqua looks like a teal/truquooise marriage and BI looks more like a sky blue/'04 turqupise marriage. Aqua is much darker and brighter but BI and aqua are in the same family of colors so I agree with the others..... I would choose a color other than blue for your 2nd bag.
  6. i had a bad feeling as soon as i obtained my BI that i would prefer the acqua... and i hate having to sell anything... the waiting around and all...
  7. totally YES! hehehe!
  8. If you have the money then get both!!
  9. I would go for a different color for sure. The colors are far too similar. If you were talking about a couple of dollars I would say go for it, but, we all know that's not the case.
  10. I would get the aquamarine but in a differnet style than your BI.
    They are both gorgeous colours, but yes, quite similar.
  11. argh...
  12. I would get another color. I have only seen them in picures and they seem very similiar to me.
  13. I think its ok if you get it in a different style say.... I dont think it would look the same and if you love both colours i think thats ok! I have two bubblegums one is a city and the other a first and even thought they are the same colour they look totally different as they are not the same style. If you want the same style as your BI i think you should get a different colour.
  14. i think if i fall in love with the acqua when i see it this saturday, i will have to choose a radically different shape from the first. suggestion...? but i think SA is listing me for all the squares: city, work, and part-time... i have a feeling they are too close in shape compared to a first... sigh... hmm... brief? twiggy?
  15. I would get both aqua and BI if I have the money and love those colors, but would choose different styles. ... but I don't think I'd choose a radically different style just for that reason (ie. radically different) because if the aqua is not in a style that fits me, then I'll end up not loving the aqua that much, kwim?

    are you a cross-sling gal? if so, how about the courrier or the flat hobo (is it out yet?)?