Would you get another BV in the same colour

  1. Do any of you love a colour so much that you have it in more than more style ?

    I have a veneta in limo and was wondering if it is too much to get a sloane in that colour too ? The sales are just so great to pass up on and I've been eying about that limo sloane on matches which is going for a great price.

    Would that make me love my veneta less (I dont want that !) and perhaps that would be too indulgent especially since i'vealready just bought 2 bvs in a month (these bvs are so addictive !)
  2. IMO it's perfectly fine to have the same colours in different styles. For that matter, different colours in the same style work too (like myindulgence's Venetas). As long as your finances permit, that is. Limo is a great colour and it's absolutely TDF in the Sloane. I say, go for it - esp since it's on sale too. :okay:
  3. I dont see any problems with that.... go get it before its gone :smile:
  4. I totally agree with ms piggy - either same style diff colour or same colour diff style work for me. or both of course, haha.
  5. Works for me too!
  6. totally agree! diff style, same color is fine :smile: hehe...
  7. where are the sales?? :p
  8. I would so go for it if finances permitted!
  9. different style (although same colour) different bag, LOL. I even toward to agree that buying two identical bag is an investment, you know like, if somethin happen to the other bag, you still have back up, if the colour is no longer produce by the house, and you really really like the bag, then you have to special order it (it will cost more), or even though the colour and style is still around, by the times went by, price always increase, LOL.
  10. thanks for your expert opinions.. you guys are such a bunch of enablers !

    i'm still mulling over it and havent quite pulled the trigger...yet ! I've never had similar coloured bags by the same designer nor different colour same styles and it's hard to buy a bag just because it's on sale which is the main reason for me in this case.:smile:
  11. If I loved a color that worked well with my wardrobe and had the finances, I'd do it! Especially if it's a color that may not be made for very long.