Would you get an Ali instead of Leigh?

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  1. I've been looking for months for a Gardenia Leigh for summer - I cannot find one anywhere. I keep calling the local outlets, and they only received the Whiskey, and I can't find one on evil-bay. I've been looking daily for a few weeks and nothin'!

    There are a bunch of White Ali's available.

    Would you take an Ali over the Leigh even though it's not your first choice? I almost feel like I'm settling for something else, but everyone seems to love the Ali, so I'm not sure.

    What to do?
  2. Well I personally LOVE the Ali, but if you don't, I would not settle. If the leigh is what you really want, then I would wait, you will eventually find one. The Ali, especially in white though, is a beautiful bag. :tup:
  3. I would go for Ali too, the Leigh is much too heavy for me. I haven't tried on the Ali though, so I can't comment on that. But the white Ali is to die for. It's so pretty!
  4. I personally love my Ali and I would choose the Ali, but if the Ali is not your first choice then I think you should get the leigh.
  5. i love love the ALI!
    i waited for more than a year before laying
    my hands on the whiskey and it felt so good
    since i love the bag so much.:love:
    if you 1st choice is leigh then u should wait
    for it.the feeling is just different to receive a
    bag that u truly love and one that u buy just
    to make do..good luck in finding one!
  6. I chose between the Ali and the Leigh and I picked the raisin Leigh. The Leigh is more dressy looking IMO but it looks fantastic with jeans. I have no plans on getting an Ali anymore, this Leigh will fit the bill nicely for me. You really can't go wrong with either bag, though.
  7. both bags are gorgeous. I personally just did charge and send for a slim ali. i cann't wait for it to arrive
  8. Both bags are beautiful. If you really like the Leigh, I wouldn't settle for anything else. However, I would choose the Ali. I had a Leigh and it was super heavy. I carry alot of "stuff" in my bags, but the Leigh was the heaviest bag I owned. Good luck!

  9. I have the slim (aka slim flap) ali and LOVE it. I just got it at the outlet. It holds a lot, and isn't too heavy. It is just beautiful...and that leather smell!!

    I loved the leigh in looks...but it was so heavy. No way I could carry it comfortably.
  10. I would personally go with the Ali. While I LOVE my Leigh, my Ali's are much more comfortable, easy to get into, and I know I will use more often.
  11. While the Leigh is a great bag, to me there is no contest. I love love love the Ali! Ultimately I hope to get a couple and maybe even a slim flap. Just a little behind is the large Bleeker Flap. These are great bags. But what is nice about Coach is that there are so many different styles for so many different tastes.
  12. I definitely love the Leigh more because I love the front pockets! But yeah I do agree the leigh is definitely more weighty.
  13. Ha ha! That's the one thing about Leigh that bothers me. I want to straighten out the pockets! :P
  14. I'd like to elaborate about this. I think the Leigh looks dressier because of it's chain hardware and the two front pockets. True it is not as easy to use as the Ali, therefore not as convenient BUT it is easy enough. I like that it is wider because if I want to put a book in there I don't have to stand it up vertical.
    With that being said let's just say the Leigh is like a high-heeled sexy shoe and the Ali is like a well-structured tennis shoe. Both are good looking but the Leigh has the edge when it comes to dressy! Maybe that comparison is silly but I love the Leigh's sophisticated looks.
  15. I think I'm in the minority but I love the Leigh. I carry alot in my Leigh and don't find it particularly heavy but of course the chain makes it a little heavier than the Ali. The Ali was a bit big for me personally, I like the size and shape of the Leigh a bit better (but don't get me wrong the Ali is a beautiful bag :smile:. Also, I don't find it a pain to get into at all, that goes for either bag...I always thought a bag with a flap would be a pain but I think it is easier than a zipper-top bag.