Would you get a keepall 45... or a handbag if you can only choose 1 item ?

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  1. Would you get a keepall 45... or a handbag if you can only choose 1 item ?

    How often do you use a keepall... for those that have it.

    Would a handbag be more useful for day to day... so get the handbag... or a keepall (since this is a classic item) ?
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  2. Which ever would fit YOUR lifestyle better. We all have different lifestyles and professions. . .so kind of difficult to answer for you. Personally I am particular about my bags so me getting a keepall which will be on the floor and what not does not work for me.
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  3. It depends on your lifestyle/how much you travel or need a keepall. If it were me I would choose a handbag because it's something I never go without. I would use it much more frequently than a keepall. Good luck deciding!
  4. As much as I love the looks of the Keepall, I know it isn't a bag for me. For a carry-on bag for air travel, I want something with pockets to help me stay organized. It might work for car trips, but I rarely take car trips. I just went through this debate myself. I opted for a new-to-me Lumineuse. It is a good sized purse/tote that I can use daily, and also for travel along with my usual carry-on tote when I fly.
  5. I am so glad to see this post. I was thinking on the same lines....Keepall 45 or a tote/handbag. I have tons of LV handbags from the Pochette Felicie to Neverfulls and in between. So, I went to LV at Neimans and just got back and I decided on the Keepall 45 Bandouliere in the Macassar. It will be perfect for travel whether it's in the car or on a plane...it's not too big and I LOVE the Macassar. I already have the Porte Documents Voyage PM in the Macassar so it will match. I love having the LV print with the black so I don't have to worry about it getting dirty and I can throw it around. I'm so happy. I hope this helps. I will be using my Keepall for more than just travel. You can use it any time you need to take more than a purse's worth of stuff with you, or shopping, or to the gym, or take paperwork I can think of lots of reasons to use mine and I will. And, I love the bandouliere..there's the extra pad for your shoulder and it stays on your arm. Also, there are no pockets in the Keepall but I really don't need one...I have all my SLG's and I like
    to organize. Sorry for rambling on and on. Have a great day and I'm sure you will be happy with whatever you decide on.
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  6. I too can appreciate your inquiry post and the decision that matzahnart just made! I am an Hermes, Chanel and Bottega Veneta woman. I don't own any LV bags or SLGs. Not one. So, the keep all 45 in Macassar is my ONLY LV. I just purchased it yesterday! I plan to use it for air travel and weekend trips to my parents, friends, the beach, etc.. It was a no brainer for me as it is the quintessential LV classic. And, with the black leather, it is now worry free too. Good luck deciding!
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  7. Congrats on your purchase! I have been thinking of getting a keep all but am torn between the sizes. The SA told me that I should not go higher than 50, as anything above that will look chunky on me (think of a guy going to football practice). And I definitely don't want that kind of look he he :smile:.

    But then I have read that many find the 45 too small, although I am in doubt if the 50 is already a bit on the larger size. May I ask what made you choose the 45?
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  8. Thanks so much, eurohoney! :hugs:I too struggled with what size to purchase - 45 or 55. Ultimately, for me, it all came down to the fact that I will probably purchase the larger companion 55 keepall (not sure which design though) as well at some point in the near future. So, for now, I will be able to use the 45 as a no problem carry on for air travel as well as for short car weekend trips and also around town when I need to haul a bit more. I don't think you can really go wrong with either size though. Good luck deciding and please let us know what you settle on!
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  9. AWESOME!!!
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  10. Thanks twin! Congrats on your Macassar purchase. Hope you enjoy it in the best of health and happiness!!
  11. I was in your shoes recently and was also considering the Lumineuse like @Cocoabean. I ended up with a new-to-me Keepall 50 that I plan to use care free for any and all travel, possibly as a gym bag for 2 people as well.

    Your choice depends on your needs and what you already have. I don't "need" another bag right now and I could definitely see myself using a Keepall. If you need a bag, go for a bag. If you don't need a bag and travel often -- go for a Keepall. If you need a bag and also travel frequently -- consider a bag similar to the Lumineuse to serve both purposes.
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  12. So well put! Our needs are all individual. These are all big investments for some of us. OP, if you are unsure, maybe purchase a Keepall 45 preloved. You can find them at significant savings, but perhaps not quite perfect. Use it for a while to see if it works for your lifestyle. Then purchase a new one, if that is your preference.
  13. Unless you travel on a regular basis, I would get a handbag that you can use everyday
  14. An astronomical number of gym-goers at the club I used to go to carried Keepalls as their gym bag. At any given time you could see about twenty of them at once, it was almost funny.
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