Would you get a Fendi Baulotto?

  1. Just wondering how "hot" Fendi's Baulotto is on this forum. Would you prefer the regular spy or this, notwithstanding the price issue? :shame: Please, any comments welcome!! :lol:
    Baulotto Spy.jpg
  2. The regular spy is very unique, its detail gives me a 'wow' feeling. In terms of style, I definitely think it's more beautiful than the mini spy. I also like mini version a lot, it's very cute. Check out TheITbag's white (or is it ivory?), I love it! Don't mind having both at all! =)
  3. i really like the mini spy, it's similar in size and carrying style to my speedy 25, which i adore. i think the big spy is sorta played out.
  4. I adore the size of the baulotto.. I really wanted one which was part signature fabric and part leather, but it's priced a little out of my league !
  5. i like the baulotto too, maybe it's less seen....if you have the opportunity to get it, go girl!!that's a very unique piece and maybe more versatile than the 'regular' spy!!and if you find the one ayla described, that's beautiful:heart:!!!